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My job is to help you run your lovely business profitably in 20 hours a week. With that in mind, I’ve created a great selection of resources to power your business – includes books, courses and programs!

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The Book

The bestselling & award winning book shows you how to run a profitable 20 hour week business using the 4 principles of Tiny Time Big Results: Purpose, Profit, Productivity & Play.

Tiny Time Workbook

A perfect accompaniment to the bestseller, Tiny Time Big Results – complete the workbook alongside reading the book and you will create a solid foundation for your business

The 7 Minute Checklist

How to plan your day so you’re winning not winging it. This journal has everything you need to plan your day in 7 minutes and achieve your goals and dreams! 

10 Minute Mastery Series

3 powerful value packed mini courses to help you master your marketing, minutes and money in just 10 minutes a day. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 10 minutes a day!

Monetise Your Magic

This course will show you how to get paid for what comes easily to you, how to stand out & attract soul aligned clients! You’re sitting on a mountain of value – let’s monetise it!

Your 1k Payday

The fastest way to enjoy healthy revenues in your business is to offer a program that is priced at the 1k mark. Learn why and how to get yours started!

Nail Your 60 Second Pitch

No more glazed eyes, no more lacklustre pitches. Craft your magnetic marketing message with ease with this snappy workshop and nail that one-liner so you’re message is magentic!

Create Your Email Course

Start leveraging your time powerfully with this course and create your email course in 24 hours so you can attract new leads and customers. No need for video or fancy tech!

Autopilot Your Profits

Automation in your business makes hitting your income & impact goals much easier. This program shows you how to build this into your business step by step.

Attract Clients & Sales 24/7

Your goal is to hit 3-5k months and attract dream clients with ease. This program will show you how to make this happen without working long hours or burnout.

Fast Track: Work with Me

You’re ready to stop trying to do this yourself and instead get the mentoring, accountability, implementation and guidance to fast track your results. Let’s talk!

The Book

Get the bestselling & award winning book and learn how to run a profitable 20 hour week business using the 4 principles of Tiny Time Big Results: Purpose, Profit, Productivity & Play.

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Here’s a selection of some of my best free content you can sink your teeth into! 

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Set your day up powerfully with the 7 minute checklist – a combo of strategy and energy to help you win your day!

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Your business, your rules and when you bring more of you to the business, you attract more dream clients. Find out how!

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Over 95 episodes to dive into and get all your burning questions answered like ‘do I really need a lead magnet?!

Free 8 Page Guide: Easily Attract 5⭐ Dream Clients By Being More You

20 fabulous ways to infuse more of you in the business so you attract incredible clients and grow and scale your 20 hour week business with ease!

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