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Here are just some of the reviews from clients I’ve worked with over the years through my programs, packages and services.

Collette Bryson

"I became braver in putting myself out there and have started to create a more efficient and streamlined way to attract clients without being pushy!

“After a year in business trying to go solo, I decided that I needed support in terms of a mentor. I decided to work with Yasmin and through her program, I became more focused on the specifics of my business and on who I wanted to serve. I became braver in “putting myself out there” and have started to create a more efficient and streamlined way to attract clients (without being pushy!)

I moved past my fear of niching and with Yasmin’s help I have become much clearer on what I am doing and where I want to go with my business.

I would definitely recommend Yasmin if you are a female business owner at any stage of your business. You will get support and guidance that will serve you well into the future.”

"Yasmin helped me to find my message, create a roadmap and make my vision come true'

“When the charity I was working with stopped offering my services, I found myself having to suddenly start my own business. For a few months I muddled through, created a website and a Facebook page….yet very few clients were coming to me. I hated the idea of selling, of exposing myself to the world, I was worried I would fail. I was scared and very disorganised.

A friend then posted about Yasmin’s free bootcamp. It was a revelation. I learnt so much within a few days. After doing the Multiplier program with Yasmin, I decided to continue working with her in her monthly Momentum program as she keeps me and my business in check to reach further and higher. 

I now have regular clients in my weekly classes, have created a VIP program for clients to work with me one to one and I can do marketing in a way that is ME. Talking to the mums I want to empower without doing any hard sell, just telling them my story, and helping them to see what their story can become and how to get there.

I would totally recommend for anyone to work with Yasmin, she knows how to tailor her advice to people like me with small businesses but also others in her program who run 50k+ businesses. Most importantly she keeps me in check…she says it like it is and brings me back to where I can show up positively for my business.

THANK YOU Yasmin, xxx”

"Thank you Yasmin! Without you, there would be no business; just a busy fool trying to make a hobby a business'

“I started working with Yasmin as I had an idea for a business but wasn’t sure if it was viable and I wasn’t confident that it would work and I could pull it off. From the very first session Yasmin was amazing. She helped me get get clear on my name, what I was offering and to whom. Every week there was great progression and see a business with purpose and structure unfolding in front of me. I gained in confidence from implementing small steps consistently.

I now have a business model that is a success and I feel so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Thank you Yasmin – without you there would be no business just a busy fool trying to make a hobby a business!”

Sharon Huggard
Heather Rose pic

"Not only did I learn how to build an online course, I learned how to better articulate who it was for and the transformation it would deliver'

Before working with Yasmin, I was working freelance but full of ideas about the business I wanted to create. I knew that online courses would be a cornerstone of that business, so when I heard about the Course Creation Bootcamp, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to develop the skills I knew I would need.

Having met Yasmin, I knew that the course was certain to deliver, and it absolutely did! Not only did I learn how to build an online course, I learned how to better articulate who it was for and the transformation it would deliver.

The highlight was the feeling of accomplishment seeing a snapshot of my knowledge and expertise transformed into a product I believe in, and that I know has value to my target market. Thanks Yasmin!

"Making the decision to sign up for Yasmin's program was one of the best things I have ever done.

Making the decision to sign up for Yasmin’s program was one of the best things I have ever done. I love the fact that all the modules are in bite-size pieces, they can easily be fitted into any schedule when you have very little time, they make so much sense and you just want to go and try out Yasmin’s suggestions for yourself!! All the modules are full of tips and they really make you think. 

I have already implemented some of the suggestions, and they have really made a difference. My marketing is definitely a lot more streamlined, professional looking and targeted to the right people. Opportunities have opened up for me as a result of taking the right action consistently.  I would recommend Yasmin and her program to anybody – you learn so much and you’ll be glad you signed up!

Karen McGonigle

"What could take you 3 years alone can be done in 6 months with focus and guidance!'

“Before I started with Yasmin, I had some ideas about running property training sessions and creating an online course but with my other work being busy I never got around to it.

I started with Yasmin as I needed accountability and someone to run scenarios with and learn the world of online with. Within 6 months of working with Yasmin I filled a physical weekend course at my full ticket price, created and selling my online course and also really honed in on what work I like and what work I do not like with the result I am now fully focused on my favourite aspects of the business.

The clarity has been worth its weight in gold. When you work alone, you have no one to sound out ideas on and clarify thoughts with and this has been brilliant. The highlight for me is that now I am certain what work I will and will not do and I am happy turning away work that does not fit my criteria.

I would highly recommend working with Yasmin for anyone who wants to really focus and stop going around in circles wasting time.

"Now I feel very confident in HOW I'm actually going to create, market, launch and deliver my course.'

If you are considering delivering online or offline courses Yasmin’s Course Creation program is the perfect course for you. The methodology takes you through the “how to steps” to creating an actual course, from generating your course topic to the actual launch of the program. It is an easy to follow process.

I loved the layout of the course as Yasmin created a series of short videos for each week of the course, so I could sit and watch all videos one week, or dip in and out another week depending on my schedule. The weekly group call brought it all nicely together as I got to know the other “students” as well as our tutor Yasmin and get to ask questions and learn from the other student’s questions.

Prior to participating in in the program, I knew I wanted to start delivering online courses, but didn’t know which step to do first. Now I feel very confident in HOW I’m actually going to create, market, launch and deliver my course. I think a step-by-step program is the best way to show people anything.

This real beauty of the the program is that the skills learned in the course can be applied to delivering online and offline courses.

So thank you Yasmin, I really benefited from the course and I also enjoyed it, I will miss it now that it is completed!

"I would recommend Yasmin if you want someone to guide you firmly through a process'

I chose to work with Yasmin to get a completely objective perspective on my business offering. The clarity achieved in terms of drilling down on what solutions I provide for my clients, how to structure them and ultimately how to promote them was very helpful.

I found I needed a lot of support in terms of crafting my message for my two distinct target audiences and Yasmin was a really good sounding board for this. The weekly sessions were great in terms of staying focused and working through the layers and I would recommend Yasmin if you want someone to guide you firmly through a process!

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