small business owners

  • #93: 4 Essential Elements of an Irresistible Offer

    In this episode, let’s talk about what makes your offer a no-brainer.

    The offer that makes your ideal client say ‘this is EXACTLY what I want, give it to me and take my money FAST!’

    That’s the dream, right?

    So what makes your offer irresistible and compelling? In this episode, I talk you through the 4 essential elements to factor in so your offer stands out and sells out!


  • #92: The One Cost You Never Think Of

    One of the fastest paths to cash in a 20 hour week business is by creating a premium offer, a high value high ticket offer.

    So many business owners would love to create an offer like this but there can be a lot of resistance.

    In this podcast episode, we’re going to tackle a common limiting belief. The belief that you could never charge ‘that much!’

    I’m offering you a simple yet massively powerful mindset shift that will dissolve this block once and for all!