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  • #71 A Simple Way To Optimise Your Thank You Page

    Optimise your thank you page

    When someone opts in to your lead magnet (they give their email address in exchange for your freebie), the Thank You page is vital in helping you to turn them into paying clients. This short video explains why and how! Watch Here Listen Here Transcription Hello, I’m Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results where […]


  • #52: How To Make A Vision Board With Oopmh!

    Create a vision board with oomph

    Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hey lovely, it’s Yasmin from Tiny Time Big Results and, and today I want to share with you about how you can create a vision board with extra oomph. Now, I am a huge believer in creating our reality and believing that we have the ability to manifest what […]