• #105: This Stops Your Ready-to-Buy Clients From Buying

    Do you ever wonder why you’re not attracting amazing clients? You get some clients but you want more of the dreamy clients – the ones who love what you do, value your work and are happy to pay your fees. Even if your strategy is on fire – if you don’t get this one thing […]


  • #104: Do You Look Desperate When You’re Marketing?

    If you have ever thought ‘I must look desperate when I’m marketing‘, this is for you! This is a topic close to my heart – as someone who didn’t have a clue about marketing and selling when I first started my business, I’m now the person who is a passionate advocate for sharing your message […]


  • #103: Use this Hot Copywriting Tip To Engage Your Audience

    image of Yasmin sitting on a bench with the blog title underneath

    If you’re creating content for your business, this video is for you! Stop creating stiff and formal content – it turns your people off and they won’t stick around. Even if it’s REALLY good stuff! Instead follow the tips I share in this short video so your people consume your content, engage with it, get […]


  • #102: How to Turn ‘I’m Not Special Enough’ Around

    In this episode, I tackle the issue of what to do when you feel like you’re not good enough! I share with you 3 ways this manifests in your business (that’s hindering you big time) and 3 truths to embrace so you can step up powerfully and do the work your heart craves! Watch Here […]