Ready to hit 5k months in your 20 hour week business?

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Create Your Signature System, Build Powerful Positioning & Design a Suite of Irresistible Offers To Hit 5k+ Months (Whilst Working 20 Hours a Week)

This is for you if you're a coach and/ or expert whose prices are too low, your money is tied to exchanging your time and you have no passive income streams.

You’re great at what you do but the way you’ve set the business up makes you weep. You’re busier than you’d like to be and you feel tied to your phone. Your clients are demanding more of you, stepping over your boundaries – and you’re letting them!

You thought your ‘lifestyle’ business would give you time freedom and lots of money but you’re taking on more clients than you like (because you’re afraid the money will dry up), you set appointments for when it suits your clients (not you) and you know you’re over-delivering and undercharging but you can’t stop!

What you really want is to do work that comes easily to you, show up for your clients with bags of enthusiasm, create your magic and enjoy a healthy annual 5 figure income.

"If you're ready for the next level up, Yasmin is the bomb! Everything changed from our first session..."


“I first reached out to Yasmin after I had been working on my new online business venture for around 8 months. I felt overwhelmed, and even though I was doing everything that I thought I was supposed to but not getting any traction. From the first session with Yasmin I felt the overwhelming relief that comes with knowing that someone has oversight and understanding of what it actually takes to run an online business, and has broken all of their knowledge down into usable, actionable steps, designed not to overwhelm.

If you need a coach or mentor who knows what it takes, is down to earth, fun and funny and just has your back 100%, you won’t regret choosing Yasmin”

Here's how we do this...

The Suite Spot is a 4 month mentoring program that will show you how to build and market an offer suite that makes it easy to hit 5 figures in your 20-hour week online business. Your offer suite will be lucrative and leveraged which means you don’t have to sell your time, you can enjoy (mostly) passive income and you will charge the prices your work deserves.

Here's the plan...


Your Suite Spot will be built around the core transformation you offer to clients. So this session will nail what makes you unique and a ‘must-have’!


The fastest path to cash in your business is through a high ticket offer. I’ll show you how to design your offer so it is lucrative and it doesn’t require you to be on-call 24/7!


Selling high ticket requires a skill-set that most business owners struggle with. I’ll show you how to design your sales system that makes selling feel effortless

step 4: CREATE MARKETING ASSETS that pre-sell

Your job is to market your business but the last thing you want is to be chained to your laptop. Instead we’ll design and create key pieces of marketing content that does the pre-selling for you. So you can free up your time! 


We’re going to create freedom in your business through 1-2 well designed and well thought out digital products that lets people experience your work at varying price points. Which means more income and impact for you!

step 6: craft your 90 day marketing plan

You’ve set the foundations and the systems. Now let’s get them working for you. We’ll co-create your 90 day marketing calendar so you get into a rhythm of marketing and selling with ease! No more random marketing or flukey sales! 

"I've gone from earning £50 or losing money to making £500 a time!"


“After working with Yasmin, I now have a clear focus to my business. My two retreat days sold out months in advance – and at a higher price.  I have sold five places on a new course for professionals, and have a lot of interest in the next one. I have a great outline for an online course which will give me an ongoing income.  I have strategies that work and a clearer idea of what I need to focus on. The sessions with Yasmin were relaxed but focused.  I appreciated the accountability when most of the places on my retreat days sold within a fortnight and they were sold out months before the events. That was huge for me!”

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This is for you if:

The Suite Spot is for the entrepreneur who knows what she offers is of MASSIVE value. You know your worth but you constantly question your ability to market and sell. Suite Spot is perfect for you if 

"What would take you 3 years alone can be done in a much shorter space of time with focus and guidance!"

“Before I started with Yasmin, I had ideas about running property training sessions and creating an online course but I never got around to it.

I started with Yasmin as I needed accountability and someone to run scenarios with and learn the world of online with. Within 6 months of working with Yasmin I filled a physical weekend course at my full ticket price, created and selling my online course and also really honed in on what work I like and what work I do not like. Now I am fully focused on my favourite aspects of the business.”

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Ready to create and sell your lucrative offer suite that gives you the income and impact you desire?

Working with me in the Suite Spot is by application only. We work closely together for the 4 months so I want to make sure we’re a great fit. Your application + 15 minute call will confirm if we are!

"Thank you Yasmin - without you, there would be no business - just a busy fool trying to make a hobby a business!"

Sharon Huggard

“I started working with Yasmin as I had an idea for a business but wasn’t sure if it was viable and I wasn’t confident that it would work and I could pull it off. From the very first session Yasmin was amazing. She helped me get get clear on my name, what I was offering and to whom. Every week there was great progression and see a business with purpose and structure unfolding in front of me. I gained in confidence from implementing small steps consistently.

I now have a business model that is a success and I feel so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time”

Have a burning question?

The program is 4 months. In this program, you will get  one 90 minute Springboard session followed by 12 x 45 minute mentoring sessions. 

You also have access to me via Voxer for the duration and access to my signature program, Multiplier (value €1,497)

I’m going to show you how to build an offer suite that is lucrative and highly leveraged which means you can stop trading time for money, stop undercharging and have different ways for money to flow into the business. 

By the end of the program, you will have a high ticket offer (charging at least 1k), 1-2 digital products, marketing assets to do the pre-selling for you AND rock star confidence around your ability to sell with integrity and certainty. No convincing energy needed here, thank you very much!

This program is for the entrepreneur/ business owner whose prices are too low, her money is tied to her time and/or she has no passive income streams set up.

You’re fed up of working hard but not getting the rewards you deserve.

You know your (lack of) success is not just about not having a powerful mindset or that you’re not meditating enough!

You know it’s also about how you structure your offers, how you market them and how you’re selling them.

You’re full of purpose, drive and ambition and you’re determined to make a go of it but you know you can’t do this alone. You’ve tried and it hasn’t worked – or it worked a little but now you’re ready to set it alight!

The 4 month program includes a 90 minute Springboard session, 12 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions, access to me via Voxer (Mon-Fri, 10-5) and access to my signature program, Multiplier.

Your investment is €4,444 pay in full 

or you can make 4 payments of €1,197

Pay In Full Bonus: When you pay in full, you will get access to all my programs and courses (Vault Value: €8,000)

This program is not for you if you’re not willing to invest. Doing this work takes time and resources (yes, money included!) and to build a business – you need to invest in the mentoring, tools and technology that will set you up for success in the long run.

You’re not here to be a flash-in-the-pan – you’re here for the long haul. You want a thriving business, not just for now but for the years to come. You want to build assets that make money for you (without you physically being present) and revenue that you can then invest to make more money babies! But you know that kind of growth takes a solid foundation. This program will give you that.

But if you’re not willing to invest – whether that’s with me or someone else or you’re not willing to buy that piece of tech that will make your life SO much easier – then growing the business will feel like a mountain that just keeps getting bigger.

There are no refunds for this program. I also don’t offer any guarantees – because this program is not a magic wand. 

Success in business is down to taking aligned action and learning the skills necessary to market and sell. I’ll do my bit and you have to do your bit too but as you can see from the client reviews, you can get great results when you do the work!

You can pay in full – €4,444 or you can pay 4 instalments of €1,197

Pay In Full Bonus: When you pay in full, you will get access to all my programs and courses (Vault Value: €8,000)

This is a private mentoring program – you get access to me through our Springboard session, 12 x 45 minute sessions and Voxer access to me (Mon-Fri). 

Hi, I'm Yasmin!

…the creator of Tiny Time Big Results, #1 bestselling and award winning author. After a highly successful 12 year corporate career, I started my own business when my eldest was only 1 (he’s now 13 and my other kids are 10 and 7) I teach coaches and experts how to grow a 5 figure online business working 20 hours a week or less.

I’ve been doing this work for over a decade and with over 30,000 students in 160 countries, I’d love to show you how to create the income and impact you dream of through high ticket coaching & consulting, online programs and digital products.


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