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Lovely, I’m thrilled and delighted that you have decided to join me for the Sold Out! bootcamp! 

This bootcamp is truly game-changing when it comes to the message you share with the world.

I want you to have a message that attracts the perfect fit clients you want!

A message that makes it easy to stand out and sell out your premium offers!

Please check your email for all the details in a few minutes. Mark your calendar, clear your schedule, and come hang out with me from Monday 23 Oct for 3 workshops and a masterclass! (Sounds like 4 Weddings & A Funeral – one of my favourite films!)  

You’ll soon know how to craft an irresistible message that helps you to stand out and sell out your premium offers!

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Get the Upgrade and you will get access to 2 additional trainings – ‘Turn Your Email into a Cash Machine‘ And ‘The Foolproof Formula to Create Content That Makes Money‘ 

€50 yasmin voucher

Get the upgrade and you get €50 credit towards any of my courses and programs. All you have to do is let me know what you want and you get €50 off! This is a no-brainer as the upgrade is less than €50!


Always struggling to create great titles for your webinars? You need a great title to get attention so with this guide, I’ve done the hard work for you – just pick your niche + your title and go for it!

the upgrade includes all recordings of the bootamp + your 3 bonuses above total value €697

Your Next Steps:

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This is where I’ll send your emails for the bootcamp! Please check for an email from me and if you don’t get anything after 10 minutes, email me at

schedule the dates in!

Your workshops are on Mon 23, Tues 24, Wed 25 Oct and your masterclass is on Fri 27 Oct. All sessions are at 1pm EST / 6pm UK. I’ve sent this info by email too!

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Our pop up Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, meet other coaches & consultants and share the bootcamp with them. Click here to join! (The group opens Sat 21 Oct)

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