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True freedom & flexibility means ...

You get to do what you love, work with people you adore, be location-independent and make really good money. With a magnetic message, a simple suite of highly profitable offers and a client attraction system that runs like clockwork. Fully aligned and standing in your power. When you work with me, this is my desire and intention for you.

Let’s get started…

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private vip day

Strategy Intensive

I love holding space for my clients during a VIP strategy day. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to go deep into an aspect of your business. If you’re having a hard time with your messaging or not attracting enough ideal clients or you’re ready to launch a group program or course but you want expert guidance and hand holding, this is perfect for you. Examples of what we can work on…

Your Investment – €1,500 (includes VIP day, email access for 30 days, a signed copy of my book and a 60 minute follow up)




Sometimes a 60 minute call just doesn’t cut it. There’s too much pressure to cover everything and if you’re like me, you need time to reflect. So let’s not do that! Instead, book a ‘Yas-On-Demand‘ day and throughout the day, you can message me (voice and text) and I’ll help you with whatever you’re working on. It’ll be just like I’m in your pocket (and I’m prob small enough to fit too!). Before the day, we’ll have a quick meeting to determine what you will be working on and what kind of support you need. Then throughout the day, you can message me and I’ll coach and mentor you!  Below are examples of what we can work on…

Your Investment – Special Offer SAVE 50%: €197 (includes access to me via messaging app between 9.30am-5.30pm GMT) In a different time-zone? Don’t worry, we’ll work it out!

Sharon Huggard

"Feels like the sky is the limit with Yasmin in my corner!"

“Yasmin helped me to create focus and clarity on a seed of a business idea I had. Within one meeting my mind was blown; we had a name, product offer, price and ideal customer. Feels like the sky is the limit with Yasmin in my corner!”

3 & 6 month 1:1 program

Accelerate Your Growth

I’m not here to tell you you can achieve 6 figures in 6 minutes or some other such nonsense. It takes time and commitment to build momentum and too many people stop just before they strike gold! That’s why I work with clients in my tailored 3 & 6 month programs to give you the mentoring, training, accountability and support to achieve your money and freedom goals. 

When you work with me, I will show you how to structure your business for optimum profits working just a few hours a day. We will work on your marketing message, your packages and services, your marketing strategy and how to sell with love. You want your business to grow and flourish. But without a solid foundation, it will crumble. It might not be sexy to hear the truth but when you work with me, I will be honest with you, deeply pragmatic and I’ll be your biggest champion! I will do the work with you. I’ll help you design the packages, write the copy, plan out the sales pages, design the course – whatever you need, I’ll do it with you!

Your Investment: Starts from €3,500 (includes 1 VIP day, private weekly calls, access to online vault with templates and cheat-sheets, Momentum membership for the duration, a dedicated webpage for all recordings and email access to me. A payment plan is available)


"I've gone from earning £50 or losing money on them to making £500 a time'

After working with Yasmin, I now have a clear focus to my business. My two retreat days sold out months in advance – and at a higher price.  I have sold five places on a new course for professionals, and have a lot of interest in the next one. I have a great outline for an online course which will give me an ongoing income.  I have strategies that work and a clearer idea of what I need to focus on.

The sessions with Yasmin were relaxed but focused.  I appreciated the accountability when most of the places on my retreat days sold within a fortnight and they were sold out months before the events. That was huge for me. I have gone from earning £50 or losing money on them to making £500 a time.

How it works

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Step One

Click this link to book a complimentary Tiny Time Triage Session.

Step Two

Fill in the form so I know what you need help with and I can prepare for our call 🙂

Step Three

Meet with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together to achieve your goals

Let's Do This

Grow & Scale Your 20 Hour Week Business

You don’t need to figure this out by yourself. It takes too much time and leads to expensive mistakes. Work with me and I will show you how to get the results you want, save a ton of time and money! If you’re not sure what you need; book a call, let’s talk and see what’s the best next step for you.

Helen Whitaker

"I highly recommend working with Yasmin, I just wish I'd done this a year ago!'

Yasmin is such an amazing business coach…she is warm, engaging and I love working with her. I love her energy and enthusiasm. Yasmin is a master in explaining how to grow revenue, a genius in using proven simple effective processes to reach the clients you want and to grow your profitable business!

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