Book more clients with potent messaging, powerful offers and rock star confidence!

You’re a coach and/or expert. You want to make people’s lives better, more fun, more enjoyable and more fulfilling. 

Whether you’re helping business executives become better leaders or parents navigate the early years of childhood without losing the plot or helping women in their 30s find their dream partner or empowering healers to stand in their power – you’re here because you feel called to do this work. 

But you struggle with marketing what you do and you’re spending hours on sales calls with people who won’t buy. 

This is why you choose to work with me…my specialty lies in teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to master the art of magnetic messaging so you can attract perfect-fit clients with ease and speed. And turn your potent message into money in the bank!

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Power Hour

Perfect for when you want to focus on a specific problem. For example: (these are examples only to give you an idea of what we could work on)

Your Investment – €399 (includes 24 hour Voxer access). Once you make the payment, you will receive an email from me to schedule your session.

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private vip day - 1 spot available

Strategy Intensive

I love holding space for my clients during a VIP strategy day. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to go deep into an aspect of your business. Perhaps you’re having a hard time with your messaging or you want to create more leveraged offers so you don’t get burnout. Maybe you need help to streamline your workload, organise your time better or map out the systems and processes to help your business grow. This option is a great place to start. Examples of what we can work on…

Your Investment – €1,500 (includes VIP day, email & Voxer access for 30 days, a signed copy of my book and a 60 minute follow up)

Sharon Huggard

"Feels like the sky is the limit with Yasmin in my corner!"

“Yasmin helped me to create focus and clarity on a seed of a business idea I had. Within one meeting my mind was blown; we had a name, product offer, price and ideal customer. Feels like the sky is the limit with Yasmin in my corner!”

4 week 1:1 INTENSIVE


This 4-week intensive is perfect if you want a marketing message & strategy that captivates, connects and engages the attention of your perfect-fit client. 

This program shows you how to infuse your unique genius in the way you share your message and how you sell your offers. This is for if you’ve had enough of overthinking and overcomplicating your message!

Your Investment – €999

3 month program

Magnetic Messaging Mastery

Premium packages are a great way to generate healthy revenues, create incredible time freedom and you get to work with dreamy clients.

In this program, you’ll learn how to attract dreamy clients who want your premium offer and are happy to pay your fees! 

Time to close the clients you love to work with.

Total Value of the program: €7,000

Your Investment: 3 x €1,599 or pay in full, €4,444


"I wanted to transform my business to create freedom and flexibility but I was terrified to do it alone in case I messed it up! I couldn't have done it without Yasmin!'

Before I met Yasmin I was feeling very frustrated! I knew about the potential to create an online training with my work and I really wanted the freedom and flexibility and also the extra income but I was terrified to try it by myself in case I made a mess of it and ruined my reputation.

I met Yasmin and talked to her about it and she was so calm and convincing and confident that I would succeed that I decided to trust her and give it a try. I felt that she is a very warm, compassionate, caring and understanding woman who really gets what blocks people from doing this kind of work, I felt safe with her! 

I hoped to get the hang of creating and selling and also delivering online training versions of the work that I already was doing with my one to one clients. After working with Yasmin I was able to create a really cool online course that I felt totally comfortable with and indeed confident about, and I was able to overcome all my limiting beliefs and self doubts and actually tell people about it. 

I was tremendously excited when I immediately started selling places and just as she predicted, my course filled up really fast without any real effort!

Yasmin also worked with me to actually deliver the course because I was still very nervous, and she held my hand as I gave the training, which really gave me the support that I needed. I am now happily, easily and confidently delivering my courses and getting really great feedback, I have overcome the doubts and fears and I really feel excited about doing the work, I also know that I can attract the right clients and get paid!

The buzz that I got when the training was up and running and I was actively teaching clients online and getting results for them was and is indescribable, it is such a joy and I feel so excited and proud of myself, but also immensely grateful to Yasmin.

I know that I could not have got to where I am without her, it feels miraculous and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who knows that they have something of value that could be taught in an online course but who for whatever reason doubts their ability to actually do it to work with Yasmin. She will guide and inspire and motivate you and keep you on track until you achieve your goals!”


"What could take you 3 years alone can be done in 6 months with focus and guidance!'

“Before I started with Yasmin, I had some ideas about running property training sessions and creating an online course but with my other work being busy I never got around to it.

I started with Yasmin as I needed accountability and someone to run scenarios with and learn the world of online with. Within 6 months of working with Yasmin I filled a physical weekend course at my full ticket price, created and selling my online course and also really honed in on what work I like and what work I do not like with the result I am now fully focused on my favourite aspects of the business.

The clarity has been worth its weight in gold. When you work alone, you have no one to sound out ideas on and clarify thoughts with and this has been brilliant. The highlight for me is that now I am certain what work I will and will not do and I am happy turning away work that does not fit my criteria.

I would highly recommend working with Yasmin for anyone who wants to really focus and stop going around in circles wasting time.


"I've gone from earning £50 or losing money on them to making £500 a time'

After working with Yasmin, I now have a clear focus to my business. My two retreat days sold out months in advance – and at a higher price.  I have sold five places on a new course for professionals, and have a lot of interest in the next one. I have a great outline for an online course which will give me an ongoing income.  I have strategies that work and a clearer idea of what I need to focus on.

The sessions with Yasmin were relaxed but focused.  I appreciated the accountability when most of the places on my retreat days sold within a fortnight and they were sold out months before the events. That was huge for me. I have gone from earning £50 or losing money on them to making £500 a time.


"I LOVED working with Yasmin - honestly, this is one of the best investments we've made'

I LOVE working with Yasmin, love her program and her coaching! Honestly, I think this is one of our best investments we’ve made. We have taken over the business recently which needed a lot of improvement and we needed to get our heads around it.

Yasmin’s program and especially coaching helped us to get our heads around our main message and how we want to communicate it with people. I highly recommend working with Yasmin because it gave us clarity. It felt like Yasmin was the only one with a torch in that dark tunnel and was showing us the way, leading us. There is a lot of information online and I have wasted a lot of my time and energy looking at different things and trying to figure it out myself.

The beauty of Yasmin’s program is that you learn the techniques and then she explains how exactly to use it in our own business with our specific product.

Sometimes I just love to ask Yasmin’s opinion and get her reassurance – it plays a huge part in our business. When we have doubts, Yasmin always reminds us of our vision and brings back the confidence and belief. 

Yasmin helped us to discover and create our core offer, promote it and get paid for it really well. We are very close to recouping the investment back in 2 months (in a 3 month program) but I can see how much more business this program will be bringing to us going forward. Our business was just breaking even before we took over and in the 2 months that we worked with Yasmin, we have started making a profit.

I would highly recommend Yasmin and her services to any business owner or entrepreneur.

Thank you, Yasmin!!

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Helen Whitaker

"I highly recommend working with Yasmin, I just wish I'd done this a year ago!'

Yasmin is such an amazing business coach…she is warm, engaging and I love working with her. I love her energy and enthusiasm. Yasmin is a master in explaining how to grow revenue, a genius in using proven simple effective processes to reach the clients you want and to grow your profitable business!

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