The Multiplier Effect: 3 Simple Strategies to Multiply Your Income & Impact in the Next 30 Days

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You Know You're Meant For More...

You’ve heard the whisper but you’ve ignored it. But it’s getting louder and louder.

You’re tired of getting good results and making good money.

You’re ready for EPIC MONEY and EPIC IMPACT

But you don’t know how to start or what to do first

In this masterclass, I’m going to show you 3 simple strategies that will make it much easier for you to hit your income goals of 5-10k, grow your audience and impact more lives.

You’re here to make a difference and you don’t want to be stressing about price hikes or inflation. Or watching others do well knowing that’s all possible for you too.

What you need is a jumpstart, to get you going. And the strategies I’ll be sharing with you are the same strategies I used to make 26k in just 90 days, hit 5-10k months and build my list …whilst only working 3-4 hours a day.

You'll leave this masterclass knowing...


it's about the sTRATEGY

Having a goal without a strategy is the fastest way to not hit your goals. And I’ll be giving you a simple strategy that you can  begin to implement immediately.


it's about the offer

Multiplying your income is not about giving more time to your clients, it’s about how how you package the time you do have for maximum impact.

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it's about the SYSTEM

You need a simple marketing & sales system you can add into your business that will save you at least 5 hours a week AND help you attract the right clients too! 


Meet the host

Hello, I'm Yasmin

I’m the creator of Tiny Time Big Results and I’m here for the entrepreneur who’s ready to stop compromising and start shining.

Who feels like she’s crazy for wanting it all. Who’s made to feel guilty for wanting to have a fulfilling career as well as a loving family. But she knows she can.

I’m here for the woman who knows she’s sitting on a goldmine of value and expertise and she’s ready to show it off!

I’m here for you – you know you’re here for more and you’re going to get it!

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