In this episode, Yasmin talks about whether you should use a free mini course as a lead magnet…

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The Lowdown….

So should you use a free mini course as a lead magnet or not?

First of all, let me clarify what I mean by ‘mini course’.

In a mini course, you drip feed information/ transformation to your new prospects over a period of time. I have a few mini courses – like Plan Your Next 100 Days or Create Your Online Course in 5 Days.

In the Create Your Online Course, I talk them through the 5 introductory steps they need to create their course.

Instead of a lead magnet they can consume in one sitting, the mini course is spread out over a number of days (5, 7, 10 or even 30).

It’s a great question and I get asked it a lot by clients. And here’s my take on it…

The Pros

A mini course is a brilliant way to build a relationship and nurture your connection to your lead/ prospect/ potential new client.

It showcases your authority and you’re popping into their inbox every day for a period of time so they get used to you, your style and your personality.

If they like you, they’ll hang around.

And even if they’re not ready to buy yet, your name will be front of mind when they are ready.

If the course helps them create a great result, they will be more open to your offers (free and paid).

The Cons

Our attention span is worse than a goldfish’s!

So holding on to your prospect’s attention can be really hard – even if your stuff is really good! It’s the nature of the modern day beast!

So whilst they may be really excited about your course, life kicks in, stuff happens, other things clamour for their attention and they lose interest.

Th course can lose its impact over time and it can be hard to entice them to a paid offer if they’ve switched off from the course completely.

So should you use one?

I believe a lead magnet needs to solve a problem for them immediately.

Yes, there is a place for a mini course but if it’s their first interaction with you, give them something they can get their teeth into RIGHT NOW.

Grab their attention, solve a problem and wow them….in the moment you have their full attention!

And remember, your lead magnet is only ONE part of your marketing strategy.

It’s not everything. You need to know what comes next! And you need to be deliberate about what comes next too! (your mini course could be part of your nurture sequence.)

If your marketing strategy is not joined up, it doesn’t matter how awesome your lead magnet is, it won’t matter because you will have gained their interest and lost it.

And lost the opportunity too.

If you have an existing lead magnet but it’s not doing the job, it’s not enticing enough and you’re struggling with your overall marketing strategy, book your free 15 Minute Tiny Time Triage Call and let’s see how we can fix this….

The key thing to remember is your business is like a big lab….test, test and test again. Keep what works, bin the rest!

Hope that helps you today and don’t forget to book your free 15 Minute Tiny Time Triage Call if you’re struggling with your marketing strategy and more specifically, your lead magnet.

Remember, it’s just one part of the puzzle…but it’s an important one!

Yasmin x