Master the art of magnetic messaging to attract perfect-fit clients who are ready to buy so you can amplify your impact & income!

Message Mastery is a transformative 6 month program meticulously crafted for coaches and experts who want to magnetize perfect-fit clients – with potent marketing strategies that work beautifully in a 20-hour week business…

Hey Solopreneur! You've landed here because...

You’re a passionate coach/expert in your field. 

You’ve poured your energy into your expertise but you find yourself stuck, struggling to make your message truly connect with the people you want to connect with most. 

You post on social media…nothing happens. You send out an email, it feels like tumbleweed.

You’ve taken so many courses at this stage, learning all the strategies yet something is still not landing.

You’re not attracting the clients you really want and you’re not making sales at the level you desire.

But here’s what I want you to know: this is 100% normal.

it's just a skill gap

You're not born knowing how to market and sell authentically!

The problem is not in your expertise or experience or that you need another certification or course before you can go to market.

The challenge is that you struggle with the messaging.
You find it hard to talk about what you do in a way that magnetises dreamy clients – those clients who are ‘ready-to-buy’!

But the good news is this is an easy fix!

No one is born knowing how to market and sell but when you find a way to connect with people and invite them to work with you in a way that feels good and gets results – you can skyrocket your income and impact!

Imagine a world where your words effortlessly capture the hearts of your audience, where your unique skills are not just noticed but cherished. A world where every piece of content draws your perfect-fit client closer to you. They’re paying attention and they’re paying you.

Welcome to Message Mastery...your gateway to a land of perfect-fit clients!

The key to attracting clients consistently and making the impact you desire without working long hours isn’t down to a secret formula or a fool-proof method that worked for someone else.

The path that is going to work for you is the path that lights you up.

The marketing that makes you feel excited and joyous.

And that starts with messaging that makes you feel in alignment with what you’re doing and you love to share that message consistently.

Through strategic skills and energetic practices that will give you the gift of magnetic messaging.

This isn’t just about marketing strategies; this is about crafting messaging that resonates with your dream clients at a soul level and you becoming the true embodiment of your message that makes you magnetic!

Your life before Message Mastery:

Your life after Message Mastery:



Message Mastery is designed for coaches and experts who are ready to uplevel their messaging and attract perfect-fit clients. 

You’re determined to upgrade your messaging and embodiment to attract clients willing to invest in your expertise. 


What You'll Learn

Message Mastery will show you how to stop the vague messaging and missed opportunities. It will show you how to transform how you talk about what you do, attract perfect fit clients, and elevate your coaching and expert career

And do this working 3-4 hours a day.


Success From The Start

When you enrol in the program, this is where you start first! The Jumpstart Module is designed to get you set up for success!
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Module 1

Your Path to Freedom

This module lays the foundation for the work. Getting clear on your goals, your golden vision and how to craft a compelling vision that pulls you, not pushes.

Module 2

Love Your Message

In this module, you will fall in love with your message. The message you’ll want to shout from the rooftops! The message you want to be known for.

Module 3

Love to Leverage

In Module 3, you are going to learn how to create massive leverage in your business from one program which creates a simple + lucrative offer suite for you.

Module 4

High End Magic

In this module, you are going to turn your Trademark Transformation into a premium program (you’ll charge 2k+ for this). I’ll show you how step by step.

Module 5

Create & Scale

Module 5 is all about creating ways you create something once and sell repeatedly. Which means now you’re creating passive income!

Module 6

Build Your Audience

In this module, you will map out your customer journey. This is the start of creating your evergreen marketing system.

Module 7

Love Your Audience

The aim of this module is super simple….love and nurture your audience! Business is about relationships so let’s build awesome ones!

Module 8

Love to Sell 1:1

Module 8 is all about mastering the 1:1 sales conversation so your conversion rate goes through the roof!

Module 9

Love to Sell 1:Many

Mastering selling 1:many is a powerful skill to reach more people and create a bigger impact. This module will teach you how.

Module 10

Amplify Your Time

In order to successfully implement, you need optimum energy levels. This module is all about harnessing your energy to sustain you!

Bonuses (value €1,500)

Enroll now and you’ll also get 3 bonus training modules totally FREE!

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€500 value

Your Signature Program

In this bonus workshop, you’ll learn how to create your signature program, step by step. This gives your heart-work a powerful structure.

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€500 value

Craft Your Masterclass

Learn how to craft your masterclass, choose your title, map out your content and design your slides with this bonus workshop.

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€500 value

Design Your Evergreen System

This bonus workshop gives you all the pieces you’ll need for your evergreen marketing and sales system and put it together.

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A €250 value

1:1 with Yasmin

Get a private mentoring session with Yasmin to map out your system, work on your message and hone your sales process!

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A €97 value

Bonus Masterclass

How to Attract Clients Who Will Pay Your Fees! Discover what it takes to attract the right clients who will pay your fees!

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A €500 value

Strategy Day

Join me for a Client-Only Strategy Day and mastermind with other entrepreneurs. Pay in full and you can join us for free! 

Plus, IN THIS program, you'RE not on your own

I can't wait to support you through...

monthLY coaching + COMMUNITY

Get monthly coaching and support so you make progress fast. With regular Q&As and a student-only space, you’re not alone!

(value €2,000)


Access to my 5-module course designed to help you create a message that makes you stand out and sell out!

(Value €497)

bonus course: profit with programs

5-module course on how to grow and scale your 20 hour week business with soul aligned programs.

(Value €497)

That’s a Total Value of €6,991

Choose the plan + save when you invest in full!

One-time payment of


6 monthly payments of



All of the above PLUS
* 3 Month Private Mentoring (incl 8 wks)
* VIP Day with Yasmin (value €1,500)
* Weekly private mentoring with Yasmin (value €1800)
* Email Access for the duration


Success Stories...

Sharon Huggard

I now have a business model that is a success and I feel so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Thank you Yasmin – without you there would be no business!”


“Yasmin helped me find my message, create a roadmap and make my vision come true. I now have regular clients in my weekly classes, have created a VIP program for clients to work with me one to one and I can do marketing in a way that is ME.

Karen McGonigle

Making the decision to sign up for Yasmin’s program was one of the best things I have ever done. I would recommend Yasmin and her program to anybody – you learn so much and you’ll be glad you signed up!





7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know this program works and I want this to work for you. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ program. 

This work takes time and I will always be honest and upfront with you. If you’re open to being coached and do the work, you will get results. But sometimes, it’s not a good fit. 

So try the program out for 7 days and if it’s not right for you, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Is Multiplier right for you?

By the end of this program, you will have

– Created your signature program that leverages your time and expertise powerfully

– Created a premium program you can charge 2k+ for (and beyond)

– Designed your online course (and learned the methodology to create as many courses as you like) to power your passive income stream

– Designed a masterclass which allows you to share your expertise and invite people to work with you.

– Set up your evergreen marketing campaign so you can sell all year round.

– Learn the skills and methodology that means you can rinse and repeat.

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

How it works

Here’s what happens when you buy

Enroll Now

Click the ENROLL NOW button, choose the right path to enrollment (full pay or payment plan) and complete the form.


Once your order has gone through, you’ll go through to a welcome page with instructions on how to access your program.

Get immediate access

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Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Yasmin!

...the creator of Tiny Time Big Results, #1 bestselling and award winning author. After a highly successful 12 year corporate career, I started my own business where I help business owners like you to run a profitable 20 hour week business.

Creating a business that works in just a few hours a day is at the heart of what I teach and this program will show you how to create leverage so you can make this your reality.

In my tiny time business, I have helped hundreds of business owners to create incredible results and I’d love to help you too!

Featured in:


You've got questions? We have answers!

The program is an 10 module program and you will have instant access to Module 1 so you can dive in. You’ll receive a check-in every week. The program will be delivered one module a week to give you time to complete the training and take inspired action.

Whilst the program is delivered over 10 weeks, you will have on-going coaching and support so you have time and space to implement.

Yes you will have access to the course for as long as the course is live. You will also receive updates as and when they are applied. Having said that, once you join, please make the time to complete the program – you and your business deserve it!

This course is perfect for you if every cell in your body knows you’re here to make more money and more impact and you want to be shown a simple step by step way to get there. You’re here to do great work and you’re ready to get out of your own way. 

You’re ready to decide and commit.

This course is not suitable for you if you aren’t willing to do the work, be open, receptive and willing to stretch yourself. I have worked through this methodology with hundreds of business owners and I know it works. 

It’s for for you if you’re not willing to do the work.

It’s definitely not for you if you don’t want to create programs!

Not if you decide you want this and you’re ready to take action – and be consistent with it!

This program comes with a 7 day refund policy.

I know this methodology works when you show up and do the work. So I promise to give you the best of what I know and teach. Your bit? Show up and do the work. You’ll know after 7 days if it’s right for you.

However, I don’t make specific claims about what results you can achieve as every business and every person is different. The results I have created and those my clients have are individual experiences, reflecting their real life experiences. However, they are individual results and results do vary.

No there isn’t. There is a little but trust me, compared to where we were even a few years ago, the level of technical ability you need is very low.

And for all the things you don’t want/can’t do, I share with you my top strategies to outsource and my recommended resources like VAs

Yes absolutely – that’s covered in great detail in Module 5 along with tech tutorials in the Tech Vault.

You could if you’re willing to trawl through thousands of videos and spends hundreds of hours. 

Or you could take this program, follow my step by step instructions and save yourself a few hundred hours?

Lovely, I know investing can be scary. I have done it many times in my business but there comes a point in every business where you have to decide what you are committing to.

There is always a cost to taking action and not taking action. You can choose to do this alone (but it will take you a LOT longer than 10 weeks) or you can invest (saving €€€ in the process) and create a beautifully profitable suite of offers. 

There are a ton of people out there who can show you how to grow your business but there is one thing that sets me apart from everybody else…I will show you how to to do this in tiny pockets of time.

I live and breathe this stuff and when you work with me, you can trust me to show you only what you need…nothing more and nothing less. I work 3-4 hours a day and this system has enabled me to grow my business, make a healthy income whilst raising my 3 young children (all under the age of 12)

Ready to get started?

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6 monthly payments of


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