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Attract More Clients with Magnetic Messaging🧲

A 4-day experience to transform your messaging with simple strategies that has dream clients lining up to work with you! 

Join me LIVE and receive a free gift worth €299 ‘Magnetic Messaging Method‘ cheat-sheet to speed up your client attraction! 💥
Thursday 29 February 7PM GMT / 2PM ET.

Over 4 days, in bitesize & actionable pieces, you will learn how to:

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Captivate your dream clients and stop the scroll … if you don’t have this down, your clients are scrolling on to the next person who can! The world’s noisy. You have to cut through it to make income + impact – I’ll show you how! 

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Connect deeply with your dream clients … so much that she thinks you might be a mind reader! All of this in only 3 hours a day when I show you my system (most people don’t do this at all and wonder why they don’t have clients!)



Convert through potent messaging – if you receive more comments about how inspiring you are than payment notifications, you need to join this. Time to move fangirls into paying clients … I’ll show you how with 3 simple tactics

This is not an 'ordinary' masterclass...

No showing up at a set time for days and days to listen to loads of info and get nothing done.

This has been crafted for the entrepreneur & mama who already has enough to do and is looking for tiny time big results … you’re welcome! 🥰

As well as the masterclass, you’ll also receive complimentary access to a private Telegram chat where I’ll be sharing with you daily audio drops🎤you can listen to when it suits! (from Mon 26 – Wed 28 Feb)

Which means you can learn the art of magnetic messaging in tiny pockets of time!

Mark your calendar for the maSTERCLASS

Thursday, Feb 29th 7PM GMT / 2PM ET

Meet the host

Hiya, I'm Yasmin!

..the creator of Tiny Time Big Results, #1 bestselling and award winning author. 

I’m a mum of 3 under 13 and with over 30,000 students worldwide, creating a profitable and productive 20-hour week business is what I have been mastering over the last 12 years. Magnetic Marketing is at the heart of what I teach and attracting perfect-fit clients with potent messaging is one of the ‘secrets‘ of tiny time! Master this and you’re laughing all the way to the bank!

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