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grow your list & save hundreds of hours

Do you remember that day when Facebook and Instagram went down for hours and everyone started to lose their mind? The terror in knowing they couldn’t go online and sell on their favourite platform?

Do you want to know what I did? I sent one email to my list and made a few hundred euro.

Building your email list has never been more important and in the List Builder Bootcamp, I’m going to show you how to build your list, step by step, in just 7 days…

Never Build Your Business on Someone Else's Platform

Building your business on a platform that does not belong to you makes you vulnerable. It makes you vulnerable to their whims of whoever it does belong to AND you have no control!

How many times have you tried to tear your hair out when you realise the ALGORITHM is working against you? That unless you pay the big bucks, you can’t play?! 

Back in the day, social media was awesome for building your business as most of it was FREE. Then you had to pay. And compete for attention. It’s exhausting, right?

Social media is still awesome BUT you’re NOT in control and it could all go belly up tomorrow!


Optimising your time, not wasting it is essential...

If you only have a few hours a day for your business, spending hours on social media is such a waste if you’re not being strategic and deliberate about it. Going to all the networking meetings, pounding the proverbial pavement and hoping someone will refer you.

You can’t leave marketing to chance! Yes, do all the things but if you’re not building your list AT THE SAME TIME, you’re missing a golden opportunity! Chances are you know about this already but you still haven’t done it yet….

Why You Might Be Avoiding It

Maybe you think building your list takes too long, it’s too complicated or you’re worried about the tech side of things. Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get round to it someday but you just haven’t yet.

Maybe you’re afraid that what you’ll create is rubbish and you don’t have what it takes? What if it doesn’t work?

Don't worry - I have your back!

Getting people into your world is one thing. Getting them to stay there is another!

In the 7 Day List Builder Bootcamp, I’m going to show you how attract people into your world (how to find the right marketing method) and how to get them to hang around so you can connect and nurture the relationship.

This is not about making a fast few quid, this is about building a business that’s full of heart. 

No weird manipulation, no spamming people, no bombarding them.

Just a beautiful way to connect and engage with people who you want to do business with. 

Introducing the 7 Day List Builder Bootcamp

The course that teaches you how to build the marketing assets you need to grow your list. The List Builder Bootcamp gives you step by step instructions, templates and checklists on how to build your list and attract clients 24/7 in just 7 days! (that’s right – that’s not a typo!)

This is how we'll do it...


– How to come up with a great idea for your freebie, create a strong hook and design the freebie (and solutions if you don’t want to DIY)

– Your Irresistible Freebie Checklist


– Create a well designed page to invite people to get your freebie and write highly converting copy that makes it an easy yes for people

– Includes tech tutorials and an Opt In Page Checklist

design your thank you page

– How to utilise the Thank You page to deepen the connection and what your Thank You Page should include

– How to build the page (step by step) and a simple way to leapfrog the know, like and trust factor.


– Why an email nurture sequence is essential in your list building.

– Write your email nurture sequence (includes plug and play templates so all you have to do is add your words!)


– How to make it super easy for people to connect with you and book a call so you can see if you’re a good fit!

– I’ll show you how to get appointment ready so you only talk to the right people!

find your MARKETING heart

– How to find the right marketing method for you. Includes overview of the main ways (incl. livestreams, video, email marketing, social media, networking) w/tips!

– Create a 90 day calendar & repurpose your content

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Is this right for you?

  • You’re ready to build your list – you’ve procrastinated about it for long enough! You’re ready to build a system that is mostly automated (I LOVE automation -such a savvy time saver!) and you love the idea of building something that will grow your business and SAVE you hundreds of hours!

Don't miss this special offer - save €202

Ready to grow your list in just 7 days?

Your investment is €297 (usual price is €499) or you can enroll with 2 payments of €159. Enroll now and start building your email list – the one you own and the one that will give you a higher return on investment than social media!

Have a burning question?

This course is going to teach you how to grow your list with a gorgeous freebie and a well designed opt in/ landing page. It will show you how to create a thank you page and how to write your email nurture sequence (with plug and play templates). It also includes a whole section on Marketing methods, how to create a 90 day calendar and how to repurpose your content!

Yes – you have access for the lifetime of the course – I highly recommend you implement this program as fast as possible – you don’t need it gathering dust on your computer!

Due to the digital nature of this course, all sales are final. But I want you to be happy with your purchase so if you have any issues, let me know (email

The course is normally €499. Right now, you can enroll with one payment of €297 (or 2 payments of €159). 

Yes it is. Fully Booked in 4 teaches you how to get fully booked in just 4 hours a week. It teaches you how to craft a memorable marketing message, design an irresistible offer, build your client attraction system and how to master sales and selling in your business.

List Builder Bootcamp is Module 3 of Fully Booked in 4 so if you decide you want to upgrade to the full program, send me a message and I’ll issue you with a coupon so you just pay the difference!

If you already have Fully Booked in 4, you don’t need this program!


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