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Attracting dream clients starts with messaging that stands out

But you don’t have to use fancy words or clever gimmicks.

Or spend hours on one post! Or even paid ads.

Sound familiar?


You have a ton of demands on your time so the amount of time you can dedicate to the business is limited (‘tiny time’). Maybe you’re like me, with a young family or you have elderly parents to care for or maybe even a full time job. Or you just want the business to work in a few hours a day. Your dream is to create a business that gives you a freedom-based lifestyle


It’s just you in the business, You might outsource the odd project or job but most of the time it’s just you. No team or agency to do your marketing so you’re looking for ways to share your message that is authentically you and it is easy to do. No torturous process of thinking what to say or spending hours scrolling on social media (a big drain on your time)

STRUGGLe TO market

You are so good at what you do. Honestly, the results you help your clients get is phenomenal. But if I ask you to describe it and put it into words – nada, zilch! You go blank! It’s so hard! You can’t find the right words, you end up rambling or worse, you say nothing. Which means you get overlooked when it comes to clients and potential collaborations.

write your email nurture sequence

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find the right way to market with heart

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craft your 90 day marketing plan

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Great marketing reduces friction between you and your ideal client. Making it easier for them to see you're a perfect match!

But if you don't know what to say or you're worried about what people will think, you stay the world's best kept secret! 😢

Why Listen To Me?

Hi, I’m Yasmin! Before I started my business in 2012, I  worked in corporate for 12 years in Training & Coaching (I was VP of leadership Development). I started the business and quickly realised I was out of my depth. Market and sell myself? Not a clue – I wandered in marketing wilderness for about 2 years until it dawned on me that I needed to up my marketing game…FAST! 

By that stage, I had 2 kids under 3 and only 3 hours a day to work in the business so not only did I have to get (much) better at marketing, I had to learn how to market in tiny pockets of time! 

Now I serve over 15,000 students in over 150 countries through my programs, courses and services. It all started with marketing powerfully…

Yas and Murphy pink trainers

Hooked is a monthly membership program that shows you how to market your business so it doesn't take a ton of time and you get the results you want...i.e. a constant flow of dreamy clients! 💖

And for less than €1 a day...

It’s hard to sit at your desk and wonder what on earth you’re going to say that will bring clients to your door. So you end up saying nothing at all. Time goes on and you’re getting more disheartened.

All you really want to do is the work you love and enjoy. But without clients, that’s hard to do. 

Let’s stop telling that story and tell a better one – the one about the 3 little pigs. Only 1 little piggy escaped the big bad wolf and that’s because she built her house with bricks – giving the house a solid structure. 

And that’s what Hooked will do for you! Brick by brick, a rock solid marketing foundation that will make it so much easier for you and your business to thrive with a constant flow of gorgeous soul aligned clients!


"Thanks Yasmin - without you there would be no business!'

Yasmin has a gentle, fun way of teaching marketing. It seems second nature to her but she can keep it simple for those of us who don’t have her knowledge so that her sessions and classes are enjoyable and really encouraging. The other members of Hooked are really lovely too and you also get access to a lot of online resources.

Join Hooked! and master organic marketing – marketing that makes you stand out; it speaks to your zone of genius and you come across as authentic and knowledgeable. PLUS it doesn’t eat up all your time!

More importantly, it hits the spot with your dream clients and they’re ready to work with you!

What You Get in Hooked!

monthly MASTERCLASS - learn & earn

Monthly masterclass focused on a core piece of content in the Hooked! curriculum to help you magnetize your ideal client. Includes assignments so you get to learn & earn! (All classes are delivered live and available after in the Masterclass Library)

clarity coaching call with yasmin

Clarity Coaching – a monthly coaching call where you can get in-the-moment coaching from me. Bring your juicy challenge and I’ll help you move forward, fast! Attend live or post your questions in advance (live is always better where possible, right?)


Each month, I host a Copy Clinic where you can submit one piece of marketing material and I’ll give you feedback – on the messaging, copy. wording etc.! (e.g. you can submit your landing page, lead magnet, sales page etc. for me to review)

WEEKLY CHECK-IN & 24/7 community

Weekly Check In – a friendly email check in to remind you of the power of your intention and with a juicy nugget that you can apply to your marketing that week so you can learn and earn! Plus 24/7 access to the community to collaborate, commune and celebrate with 🙂


"Thanks Yasmin - without you there would be no business!'

“I started working with Yasmin as I had an idea for a business but wasn’t sure if it was viable and I wasn’t confident that it would work and I could pull it off. From the very first session Yasmin was amazing. She helped me get get clear on my name, what I was offering and to whom. I now have a business model that is a success and I feel so proud of what we have achieved in such a short time!”

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find the right way to market with heart

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craft your 90 day marketing plan

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Hooked is for you if:

hooked is currently closed to new members. doors will reopen shortly

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Pay As You Go €25 p/m Or Pay Annually and get 1 month free!

Jeanie Gillespie

"Yasmin - thank you! You are the Queen of Tiny Time!"

I just really had to send this little note as you have helped me develop my business, find my ideal Clients and now I can work around times that suit me and my family. You are an absolute business blessing and I really wish I had met you sooner.”

Got questions?

I know, life is busy and you’ve a million and one things to be doing. Which is why I have structured Hooked to fit into your life, rather than be ‘another’ thing you have to do. There are just 3 ‘live’ events each month and each week you receive an email check-in from me with something you can implement that week. I’m making this as easy as possible for you. You’ve got this far because you know you need help with marketing – feel into your body and see if this is right for you. You’ll know.

You can enroll in Hooked as a ‘Pay As You Go’ member for €25 p/m or you can join Hooked as an annual member and pay €250 which means you get 2 months’ free. The subscription for Hooked will be going up shortly so if this something you’re considering, I’d join as soon as you can so you can lock in the lower investment. 

The pay as you go option is €25 p/m. This is a very low investment for this kind of support (and the price will be increasing shortly). But I appreciate you may have budget constraints. Ultimately you have to do what’s right for you. 

When I started my business, marketing was the thing I found the most challenging. ‘Selling’ myself was such a struggle – what I found helped the most was not to take a ‘all or nothing’ approach. Marketing is a layering process and it’s never ‘done’! Coca Cola never stops marketing so why should you? Hooked is designed to give you what you need so you can make progress no matter what stage you’re at.

As soon as you enroll, you get instant access to the membership including access to past masterclasses and calls. You’ll be invited to join the community and you can dive in immediately.

I have deliberately scheduled the calls to make them accessible to as many time zones as possible (I appreciate I cannot accommodate everybody!). The masterclass is at 12pm GMT, the coaching call is at 7pm GMT and the Clarity Call is at 4pm GMT. All calls are recorded and uploaded into the Hooked Hub within a few hours of the live event.

You get access to me in the membership through the calls and the community. I do not answer private messages or emails as this is limited to private 1:1 clients. For additional 1:1 support, please book a time to discuss your options.

You can cancel your membership at any stage. but please note there are no refunds. If you decide to rejoin and the price has increased in the meantime, you will join at the higher investment.

Meet Yasmin...


the creator and founder of Tiny Time Big Results where I make it easier for you to run your business in just a few hours a day.

It all started in 2014 when I was frustrated because I only had 3 hours a day for the business (because I had a 3 yr old & an 8 mth old). I had to make it work! I’m now a bestselling & award winning author with over 15,000 students in over 150 countries and I still run my business in 3-4 hours a day around my 3 young children and I would love to be able to support you in Hooked!

You're just one step away

What does it look like inside Hooked?

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