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Wednesday, November 17th 7PM GMT / 2PM ET.

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Why You Should Attend This Masterclass

When you have a tiny time business (when you’re working just a few hours a day)  ‘normal‘ business rules don’t apply. Forget what the gurus say – you don’t need to work long hours to create a successful business.

You just need a few essential ingredients to make it work. Which is exactly what this free masterclass will teach you!


it's not about productivity

Why productivity is only a small part of having a “tiny time” business and not enough on its own to help you achieve sustainable success. It’s so much more than just being efficient!



Why the design of your offer has a huge impact when it comes to growing your business. You’ll learn how to make your offers profitable without working longer hours

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The 5 big mistakes

Yasmin will reveal the 5 big mistakes to avoid when building and growing your tiny time business – so you don’t accidentally create a “monster” you can’t keep up with.

Mark your calendar

Wednesday, 17th November 7PM GMT / 2PM ET

Meet the host

Hello, I'm Yasmin

I created Tiny Time Big Results because I got fed up complaining that I didn’t have enough time! With a 15 month old running around when I started to now where I have 3 kids under 11, I’ve figured out what you need to focus on when it comes to doing the work you love, make good money and enjoy life!

This masterclass is a game-changer. With a strong foundation and the right mix of strategy, energy and implementation, you truly can have the business you dream of – the one where you get to do what you love and get well and I can’t wait to show you how to do it!

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