Hi – today’s episode is all about how to avoid being the bottleneck in your business!

In this 10 minute episode, I share why you need a standard operating manual for your business…especially if you’re the only person in your business!

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The Lowdown…

When it’s just you in the business, you can be forgiven for just getting on with things.

You know how things work and it’s all good.

But this can become a big problem for business owners.

Because there comes a point when you realise you can’t do everything!

And when you try to, you become the bottleneck!

This is why I recommend you have standard operating procedures (SOP!).

This is where you document your processes so someone could see how things are done in your business.

Even if you’re the only person in your business, I would love for you to get in the habit of writing everything down!

And specifically. I mean writing down how you do things in the business.

Think about all the processes you have. Instead of keeping all the information swriling around in your head, write it down.

My mum does this with recipes. She’s an amazing cook yet try and pin her down on specifics around measurements and she’s a disaster! It’s so hard to be able to replicate her amazing dishes when there are elements of the recipe missing or if her concept of a ‘pinch’ is drastically different than mine!!

It can be so frustrating!

And when you start delegating/ outsourcing, if you’re not clear on how you like things to be done, it’s impossible for your team to do things the way you want them to – simply because you haven’t been clear about it.

This is a big reason why people avoid outsourcing and delegating – the fear that they won’t do it like you would!

Well, they won’t unless you tell them!

Each time you start a new process, open a new word doc and document the steps you take.

It doesn’t have to be formatted or pristine, just document it!

It doesn’t have to be a big and complex task.

It’s simply noting down the main tasks you do on-going and writing down the process. It’s your step by step guide.

When you start hiring help (which we all need to do – we can’t do everything!), these will come in so handy.

To give you an example – for my podcast, my SOP goes something like this –

  1. Record podcast
  2. Upload the video to Youtube, set it to publish for a specific date
  3. Upload the audio to Libsyn, set it to publish for a specific date
  4. Write text highlights and so on….

When a team member has to do this role, they can follow the steps and I will have the certainty it has been done the way I want it to!

Get in the habit of doing this and I promise, you’ll thank me!! :))

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx

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