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Karen McGonigle

"Making the decision to sign up for Yasmin's program was one of the best decisions I have ever made'

I love the fact that all the modules are in bite-size pieces, they can easily be fitted into any schedule when you have very little time, they make so much sense! All the modules are full of tips and they really make you think. You can do everything at your own pace, and the weekly live calls are very helpful. Yasmin is so helpful and approachable, which helps make doing the course an enjoyable process.”

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'I know that I could not have got to where I am without Yasmin, it feels miraculous!'

“Before I met Yasmin I was feeling very frustrated! I knew about the potential to create an online training with my work and I really wanted the freedom and flexibility and also the extra income but I was terrified to try it by myself in case I made a mess of it and ruined my reputation.

I met Yasmin and talked to her about it and she was so calm and convincing and confident that I would succeed that I decided to trust her and give it a try. I felt that she is a very warm, compassionate, caring and understanding woman who really gets what blocks people from doing this kind of work, I felt safe with her! 

I hoped to get the hang of creating and selling and also delivering online training versions of the work that I already was doing with my one to one clients. After working with Yasmin I was able to create a really cool online course that I felt totally comfortable with and indeed confident about, and I was able to overcome all my limiting beliefs and self doubts and actually tell people about it. I was tremendously excited when I immediately started selling places and just as she predicted, my course filled up really fast without any real effort!

Yasmin also worked with me to actually deliver the course because I was still very nervous, and she held my hand as I gave the training, which really gave me the support that I needed. I am now happily, easily and confidently delivering my courses and getting really great feedback, I have overcome the doubts and fears and I really feel excited about doing the work, I also know that I can attract the right clients and get paid!

The buzz that I got when the training was up and running and I was actively teaching clients online and getting results for them was and is indescribable, it is such a joy and I feel so excited and proud of myself, but also immensely grateful to Yasmin.

I know that I could not have got to where I am without her, it feels miraculous and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who knows that they have something of value that could be taught in an online course but who for whatever reason doubts their ability to actually do it to work with Yasmin. She will guide and inspire and motivate you and keep you on track until you achieve your goals!”

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The 50k Mastermind


"The straightforward simplicity 'what you see is what you get' approach from Yasmin is absolutely what I needed'

‘When I committed to doing this course, I’d been toying with the idea of creating an online program for several months, but always kept finding excuses not to get on with it. I know Yasmin’s work from previous mentoring, so knew her program would be good. The straightforward simplicity ‘what you see is what you get’ approach from Yasmin is absolutely what I needed.

It was really well structured – short videos delivered each week on a Monday, with a group discussion and check in call each Thursday; Yasmin’s way of being on camera and how she manages to connect and motivate people is wonderful.

I’ve learned tons about the tech side – all the different options and now have a great handle on the technology needed for a straightforward program, a powerful program structure, and a strong belief that yes, I can do this.

If you’re thinking of creating an online course – work with Yasmin. What I loved most about the program was the access to Yasmin – no question ever went unanswered, either in the group calls or in the group. That alone makes the program worth it’s price.

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When I think back to when I started my business, I just cringe and want the ground to swallow me up! I made so many mistakes – that cost a lot of time and money – and sometimes I wish I could start all over again with all the lovely benefit of hindsight. But seeing as time travel is not yet a possibility(!) the next best thing I can do is show you the way and save YOU a ton of time and help you make that 20 hour week profitable business a reality!

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