masterclass for busy business owners WITH YASMIN VORAJEE

3 Ways to Clone Yourself in the Next 30 Days To Increase Your Bottom Line

Join me for my brand new masterclass where I’ll show you the simple systems to build in your business so YOU don’t have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to attracting new leads and turning them into paid clients!

Which means you free up hours of your time, you get to reach more people and client attraction is a lot simpler!

Join me on Thursday 15 December, 12pm GMT

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Why You Should Attend

When you have a tiny time business (when you’re working just a few hours a day)  ‘normal‘ business rules don’t apply. Forget what the gurus say – you don’t need to work long hours to create a successful business.

You do need to work smarter and this masterclass will show you simple systems and strategies that will make your business a lot less ‘manual‘ and a lot more time-friendly!


the solid foundation

Every business has to have a solid foundation in place to operate from. This part of the masterclass will establish the core principles your business needs in place to thrive in ‘part time‘ hours.

systems need strategy

One of the easiest ways you can create more time freedom is to automate & systematize. But where do you start and how does it all fit together? Your system needs a strategy. I’ll teach you!
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evergreen sales & growth

You don’t want to be hands on every single day. You want a business that gives you the freedom to take a day off without freaking out about losing leads or sales. I’ll show you how.

Mark your calendar

Thursday, 15th December 12PM GMT / 7AM ET

Meet the host

Hi, I'm Yasmin

I created Tiny Time Big Results because I got fed up complaining that I didn’t have enough time! With a 15 month old running around when I started to now where I have 3 kids under 12, I’ve figured out what you need to focus on when it comes to doing the work you love, make good money and enjoy life!

This masterclass is going to help you so much. Instead of running your business very hands-on, I’m going to show you how to automate and systematize a lot of the ‘grunt’ work so you can free up time to do the stuff you really love!

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You’re running your business and it feels oh-so-manual. You’re doing everything and you’re exhausted. You’ve heard people talking about systems and automating and you feel paralyzed by what you don’t know. 

This masterclass is perfect for you – no more fear and no more paralysis. Yes to saving time, yes to a more streamlined business and yes to a business that does not need you to be present every single day but continues to grow! You don’t want to miss this!


You’re not interested in automating and systematizing aspects of your business. You prefer to be hands on and even if you were interested, you have no enthusiasm or appetite to learn how to make this work (even if you outsource some aspects).

Or you’ve already got systems in your business that run your business like clockwork. You have a team that supports you and you’re good for now…if that’s you, this class is not right for you. Use the hour for a pedicure or a cuppa!

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