• #66: I’m Not Getting Enough Sales Calls Booked In

    Get sales calls booked in

    Money moves through your business via sales and if you’re not making enough sales, chances are you don’t have enough sales calls coming through. So why aren’t you? That’s what I’m going to cover in this week’s episode and how to get those bookings flying in! Watch Here   Listen Here Transcript Hello lovely, it’s […]


  • #64: The Mantra That Stops You Making Great Money

    The mantra to stop you making money

    Today’s episode is all about a mantra you could be repeating to yourself that keeps you stuck and stops you making the money you deserve.  It’s insidious and many times, it’s unconscious. Watch the video below to find out how to eliminate it, mute it or lower the volume so it no longer holds you […]


  • #59: A Simple Question To Help You Nail Your Marketing Message

    Nail your marketing message

    If you’re struggling with your marketing message then you maybe need to ask yourself this one simple question. Watch Here Listen Here   Transcript Hey lovely. It’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results. Today I wanna talk to you about something you might be struggling with. And it’s the first thing that I work […]


  • #57: How Do Clients Come To You?

    How to attract clients

    Check out today’s episode to find out how a streamlined and proven client acquisition process is vital for your tiny time business. Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hey lovely it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results and today let’s talk about how people come to you and whether you have a set process for […]