• #57: How Do Clients Come To You?

    How to attract clients

    Check out today’s episode to find out how a streamlined and proven client acquisition process is vital for your tiny time business. Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hey lovely it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results and today let’s talk about how people come to you and whether you have a set process for […]


  • #55: Why Technology Is Not A Barrier In Your Business

    Don't let technology hold your business back

    Is technology stopping you from moving forward in your business?  In this blog I share the apps and services I use in my tiny time business and a couple of strategies that will take away the overwhelm technology may cause you. Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hey lovely, it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big […]


  • #44: What To Do When Your Clients Can’t Afford You

    What to do if clients can not afford you

    In this episode, let’s dig deep into what to do when your clients can’t afford you… There are a few things you can do to help you avoid this objection and ideally, eradicate it from your business…FOREVER! Watch here Listen here Read more… Today let’s talk about a thorny issue that comes up for a […]


  • #40: How to Stop Boring People With Your Pitch!

    Stop boring people with your sales pitch

    Watch HereListen Here The Lowdown Today let’s talk about your pitch. Your introduction. When you’re in a networking meeting or when you meet new people, do ever get the sense that ‘I’m boring them‘? Do you ever get the sense of they’re desperately trying to find an exit route? Who else can I go and […]