Business Success

  • #36: Why Is My Marketing Not Working?

    Make marketing work for your business

    How do you know if your marketing isn’t working? It doesn’t get you the results you want! You’re not getting new leads and more importantly, you’re not getting new clients. In this 13 minute episode, I share 3 reasons why your marketing may not be working for you. And they are things that are easily […]


  • #34: Are You Joining the Dots For Your Prospects?

    Join the dots for your prospects

    Do you have a connected and joined up marketing strategy? One that helps prospects become paying clients? How do you know if your strategy is joined up? In this 10 minute episode, I talk about how to create a solid and connected marketing strategy that makes it easy for your prospect to go from free […]


  • #33: How to Prepare For A Smooth Sales Call

    Prepare for a smooth sales call

    Hello! Today, let’s talk about how to prepare for your sales call! Watch Here Listen Here The Lowdown… Yes, sales can be tricky and I know you don’t want to come across as sales-y or pushy. But like it or not, sales moves the money into your business. Without sales, nothing happens. So instead of […]