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4 Principles to Run Your Profitable 20 Hour Week Business by Yasmin Vorajee is the #1 bestselling and award winning book that shows you how to run your profitable 20 hour week business using 4 simple principles…

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This book shows you how to run a business with heart, fill your bank account, be more productive and time for play!  Included is how to nail your marketing message, attract clients easily, master the sales and conversion process and how to build leverage into your business. So you can have a profitable business that works in tiny pockets of time!

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“Tiny Time Big Results is a breath of fresh air in the world of business books, because it shows us once and for all there is another way to build a great business. One where you don’t have to burn the midnight oil and sacrifice your family, your health or your soul. Well done Yasmin!”
Dale Beaumont, Founder & CEO of Business Blueprint & Bizversity


“A practical, warm and above all doable approach to making a business work on your terms. Yasmin walks her talk, and sets out a clear set of principles for valuing your time and creating a valuable business too.” 
Alison Jones, Publisher and Host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club


What a super, well-written book on what it takes to create a better small business, regardless of how limited your time may be. It’s chock-full of easy to understand and easy to implement ideas that will help any small business owner achieve more focus, make wiser business development decisions, and to deliver better results. Highly recommended.

Eamonn O’Brien, Host of the Reluctant Speaker Podcast 

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I have to be honest with you – I do love talking (just ask my hubby!) so it always made sense for me to start a podcast. I love recording these bit-sized episodes for you and I hope you enjoy listening to them. If you enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to leave a review, subscribe and share with a friend!

I’ve not always been massively consistent with recording podcasts – I am human after all and it’s easy for me to fall off the wagon from time to time 😉 But I hope you’ll see I’ve created a ton of value for you – you can binge listen or listen one a week or one a day! I don’t mind. This podcast is for you and I will be adding more episodes (pinky promise!)

Yasmin xxx

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