• #51: What To Write In Your Email Newsletter

    What to write in your email newsletter

    Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hello lovely, it’s Yasmin, from Tiny Time Big Results, and yasminvorajee.com. And, today’s episode is all about, what would you write in your email newsletter. Now, when I work with my clients, and when I’m talking to prospects, the email newsletter is something that comes up, time and time again. […]


  • #49: The One Thing with Emma D’arcy

    The One thing with Emma D'arcy

    Join me for my guest expert interview with Emma D’Arcy, Marketing mentor and trainer as we talk about the one thing that has made the biggest difference to her business. When you have tiny time, knowing what to focus on is crucial and it’s great to hear what has helped other business owners! Watch Here […]


  • #50: How to Answer The ‘You’re Too Expensive’ Objection

    How to answer you're too expensive

    Watch Here Listen Here Transcript Hello lovely, it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results and yasminvorajee.com and today let’s address that question of, what do you do when someone says to you, you’re too expensive? You know, maybe you’re doing a sales call. You feel like you’ve built up a really good rapport and […]