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When I was made redundant from my 12 year corporate career, my first thought was ‘oh no‘ (though I was less polite!) As the main breadwinner, it was a blow to us and a real concern. I was married with a 15 month old at home. Lovely Hubby looked after little man when I went to work. And a big part of me felt the weight of it but I also knew I did not want to be a commuter mum. Seeing my kids first thing in the morning and in the evening and nothing in between. We wanted more kids and that’s not the life I envisaged for us. So I had to make a decision. I decided to start my own business. 

I began my journey with tons of enthusiasm but no clue on how to actually start a business.

This was ‘my wilderness’. Even though I’d worked in big business, I knew NOTHING about starting my own business, recognising my value, turning that into something to sell and then actually selling it! Nothing about how to attract ideal clients or create packages that sell like hot cakes. Nothing about how to turn potential clients into actual clients! 

Add into that a busy little 15 month old baby, I had little time to get stuff done! No clear focus and limited time meant I was stretching myself so thin, I’m surprised I didn’t snap (well, I might have done a few times!)

It got to the point where all I kept saying to myself was ‘I don’t have enough time’. Talk about a negative affirmation! You can’t create incredible results from a place of lack and that’s exactly what I was trying to do. So I decided to stop telling that story and tell a better story! 

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Re-write the story...

You wake up with a spring in your step and excited to get the day started. Usual morning routine; journalling, yoga stretches and brekkie. Get the kids off to school, sit down with a hot cup of tea and a quick scroll through Twitter before getting down to work for a few hours with a joyful heart. Then it’s time to down tools and get the kids, feed the kids, do the homework, cook dinner and squeeze in a sneaky nap! (maybe a cuppa and a custard cream too!)

Doing work you love, making great money and enjoying life! Not worrying about money, stressing where the next client’s coming from or fighting with self doubt and imposter syndrome. This is the story I decided to tell. And create and it’s what I now help my clients and students to create for themselves. 

My dream life means I get to spend time with my babies, do work that fills my heart and bank account, visit charity/thrift shops and cook yummy food – I make scrummy scones, I adore avocadoes and and I love Bake Off (I had to stop watching Masterchef as it made me too hungry!) Life is a series of joyful moments 💖 and that’s what I want for you #tinytimebiglife

Core Values

Making a living is not the same thing as making a life” (Maya Angelou). These values are at the ❤️ of Tiny Time Big Results. You’re in safe hands! 


"Having met Yasmin, I knew that the course was certain to deliver and it absolutely did!"

‘Before working with Yasmin, I was working freelance and I knew online courses would be a cornerstone of what I do, so when I heard about the Course Creation Bootcamp, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

I learnt how to build an online course and the highlight was the feeling of accomplishment seeing a snapshot of my knowledge and expertise transformed into a product I believe in, and that I know has value to my target market’


I'm passionate about helping you turn what you know into financial freedom...

When I was younger, I was obsessed with the idea of being financially free. Not being beholden to anyone (anyone!) for my freedom and for me, knowing how to make my own money was the key. 

When you know how to make your own money and support yourself, you create massive opportunities for yourself and your loved ones.

You get to live the life of your choosing and do the things you love like travelling, growing veg, reading or learning to cook Italian food or start a charity! Who doesn’t want that kind of freedom and space? I know I do! And it’s a big part of why I do what I do! Knowing how to turn your skills into money in the bank is a skill I believe EVERYONE needs to know!


"I struggled for years to nail my marketing message...'

‘I could never find a good way to articulate what I did especially at networking events and even with friends and family!

I chose to work with Yasmin so I could get clear on my marketing message and grow my business. After we worked together, I stood up in a room of 50 entrepreneurs, said my one liner and got the best reaction of the night! I’m still going through the course (which is excellent) and Yasmin’s book.

I know what to do and I know it works and I would recommend Yasmin in a heartbeat!

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Ready to fuel your business growth?

You want a business that makes your heart and purse sing, right? Work with brilliant clients who get so much value from you and love working with you. Where you get to work from anywhere in the world – even if that’s your living room, your third bedroom (that’s where I work from!) or by the poolside! This is how you do it!


Work With Me

…1:1 and I’ll show you how to create a joyful business around your expertise and passion. I’ll show you how to create your signature system, build powerful positioning & design a suite of offers to hit 5k+ months working 20 hrs/wk.

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Message Mastery

Attracting perfect fit clients starts with a message that speaks to the heart and soul of your dream client. It speaks to their desire for transformation. And knowing how to turn that message into money means you get to fill your heart and purse! 

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The 4 Principles

Get the #1 bestselling and award winning book and learn how you can enjoy a business that works in 4 hours a day! And when you’re ready to get support from me and apply to your business, get in touch and let’s talk!

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