One of the fastest paths to cash in a 20 hour week business is by creating a premium offer, a high value high ticket offer. So many business owners would love to create an offer like this but there can be a lot of resistance.

In this podcast episode, we’re going to tackle a common limiting belief – the belief that you could never charge ‘that much!‘ Watch/ listen/ read as I offer you a simple yet massively powerful mindset shift that will dissolve this block once and for all!

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Hello, lovely. This is Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results, where I teach small business owners; coaches, consultants, experts and service providers on how to run a profitable business in 20 hours a week or less.

In this podcast episode, I want to talk to you about a limiting belief that you might be faced with, and it’s something that’s really holding you back in your business.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to be able to generate healthy revenues in your business is to have a premium version of what you do, right?

There’s always going to be a small percentage of your audience who are interested in your most expensive offer.

If you don’t have a premium offer, then what you’re doing is essentially leaving money on the table.

But I know that getting to that point where you have a premium offering – typically 2k+- getting to that point can be fraught with resistance, with challenges, with limiting beliefs.

Now, that’s not true for everybody.

There’ll be a lot of people out there who just take to it like a duck to water.

It’s something that comes very naturally to them, but there’s something quite unique that they’re doing that makes it easy for them to be able to charge premium.

And we’re going to talk about that today.

There are a lot of different beliefs and blocks around premium, and we’re going to be looking at these in this podcast because I think it’s really important that we dig into this because if it’s holding you back, then we need to dissolve it.

We need to clear it. We need to get rid of it so that you can experience the abundance that I know you really want.

You don’t want to wake up at 03:00 in the morning panicking about bills, about the microwave going on the blink or having to pay for your kids’ activities.

You just don’t want that worry.

You want to know that every single month you’ve got money in the bank, you can clear your bills, your expenses and you’ve got money left over.

You can invest in your business, you’ve got space to be creative and you’ve got space to be all who you’re meant to be.

You feel expansive.

Previously, I’ve shared that premium packages are a great way to create that growth in your business.

It’s a strategy I embraced early on. But all the resistance and all the blocks that I’m talking to you about are all the things that I’ve experienced, too.

Having said that, it has been probably the strongest strategy for me to be able to create the money I want.

So that I can look after my babies and do all the other things.
After all, 80% of my revenue comes from my premium offers.

So it’s not something that can be dismissed!

When I talk about leaving money on the table – that is a very real thing.

There will always be a percentage of your audience that are interested in your most expensive offering.

And if you don’t have that, you’re missing a vital piece.
One client could be worth 3k.

Or you could sell an offer for 300. You need 10 sales to make 3k.

Or you could sell one 3k package. Trust me, this approach makes your life much simpler!

That small percentage of your audience – just because it’s a small part doesn’t mean that it’s insignificant.

It actually can be massively significant when it comes to your revenue, when it comes to that space to know that you’re supported.

That’s essentially what you’re looking for – you want to know in your gut that you’re protected, you’re secure.

And in today’s world, that is done a lot through the money that we have in our bank.

So many people struggle because the day to day expenses are the thing that drains our energy, because we’re just so busy trying to think about how am I going to make this money to be able to pay this bill?

Whereas when you have a business that allows you to have those high earning months and you get into the flow of it, struggle is not your reality anymore.

That’s not your normal anymore.

And instead, you’re in a place where you know you’re protected and you also know that you can grow the business, you can invest in your business and you have that space and this is especially important in a tiny time business.

This is so important because when you have got other demands on your time, like I do with my three kids and a puppy now!

You want to know that you’ve got money coming in.

You’ve got that security.

And for me, security is not (necessarily) about how much money there is in the bank, but it’s knowing that you can make it when you need it and being able to have the skills to be able to take what you have and what you know and who you are and turn that into money in the bank.

I think this is the number one skill that every child should learn (and every adult as well).

Everybody should know how to do this.

Everyone should know how to take what you already have, your skills, your knowledge, your experience, your talents, your gifts and to know how to turn that into something that somebody else wants to buy and you know how to market and you know how to sell that.

Now that is true financial security.

That is true financial independence.

I digress, though!

So here’s what I want you to think about. We’re talking about premium offers – we’re talking about something that’s high value, high ticket, and you have an offer that’s going to create generous revenues.

But there’s one limiting belief that can hold you back (I say one, there are a few of these!)

There’s a limiting belief that when I say ‘you’ll charge 2k+’ your immediate thought might be “I could never charge that much.”

Just let that sit in your energy body for now and just think, ‘have I ever said that?’

Is this something that I can relate to?

And you probably can.
It might not even be 2k, it might be 5k or it might be 10k.

Here’s how you shift this limiting belief of ‘I could never charge that much’.

When you say I could never charge that much, what you’re doing is you’re making it be about you.
Instead of making it be about the value that someone is going to get as a result of working with you, right? This is really powerful.

Stop making it be about you.

When you say ‘I could never charge that much’, what you’re saying when you’re thinking that is ‘I’m not good enough to charge that much’.

And you’ll be afraid of what people think, they’ll think you’re a fraud or an imposter.

All of that negative self-talk is going on in your head.

What’s happening is that you’re putting that spotlight on you instead of making it be about them.

Make it be about your client, make it be about the value.

So instead of saying I could never charge that much, ask yourself, I wonder how I could create something that was so massively valuable that I could charge 3k for it?

Isn’t that such a better quality question that takes away the resistance?
And I’m a girl who likes the path of least resistance.

Please don’t underestimate this.

It might sound really simple but most things that are the thing that is going to move the needle in your business, they tend to be really simple, but we dismiss them because it almost feels like it’s too easy.

So instead of saying ‘I could never charge that much’, ask yourself – ‘how can I create something that’s so valuable that makes it a no brainer at 3k?’

When somebody looks at that package, that program, that service, and they’re like, you’re only charging 3k?!

That’s the mind-set that you want to be in.

Because for me, it’s always about the value.

I talk about high value, high ticket.

This is not about just adding a zero and charging a lot for no good reason.

That’s not the way I do business.
That’s not in line with my values.

My values are that I provide massive value.

As soon as you flick that switch and you start thinking, ‘how can I create massive value?’ this is a powerful mindset shift for you

Now, your brain and your heart are like, going, ‘What could I do? What could I create?

And this is the space that I love to be in, especially when I do this work with my clients because I’m thinking, ‘how could you create amazing value?

And I truly love this process.

When I’m working with my clients; helping them create their programs, their packages, their services and we’re creating a premium offering – for me, I’m always looking at, how can we create a return on investment that’s ten times what they’re going to pay?

Because that makes it a no brainer.

And it makes you excited about offering that. When you’re excited about your offer, you are just going to be full of enthusiasm, ‘I can’t wait to offer this – this is amazing!

That’s the space that you want to be in.

That’s the energy that you want to be in when you are creating that high value, high ticket offer.

So that’s your mindset shift for today, right?

Instead of saying I could never charge that much, ask yourself, ‘how could I create something that’s so valuable that price (2k, 3k, 5k) becomes a complete no-brainer?’

Asking yourself a better quality question can make all the difference.

If you would like my help in doing this, book a strategy session ( and let’s talk.

This is the work I love to do. And I do this work with my clients, one on one and as part of my programs.

So if you’d like to know more, then you can book a strategy call ( and let’s have that conversation.

Lovely, I know that you’re here to have a big impact on the world.

You’re here to create a big impact on your bank account.

You’re here because you want to know how to make your business be profitable whilst working fewer hours.

You’re here because of that, right?

You’re still listening to me because you want that.

So let’s make it happen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and I hope you’ve enjoyed that mindset shift and stay tuned.

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Take care. Chat to you soon!

Yasmin x