In today’s video, I share with you a sure fire (woo woo) way to make success inevitable and this approach can transform your life and business!

If you’ve ever set a goal and been frustrated that it hasn’t been realised or achieved, there’s a reason and in this blog, I share with you how you can turn this around….starting today!

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Hello, lovely, how are you doing?

This is Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results.

And in today’s podcast episode, I want to share with you something that I think could really have a big impact on you, your business and your life.

It’s what I call the sure-fire woo woo way to make success inevitable.

Bit of a mouthful, but let me explain what that means.

Have you ever noticed that when you set a goal and you start working towards that goal, it’s really easy to get disheartened because you don’t see those immediate results.

So imagine you set an income goal and you start taking action, but you’re not seeing the results, you’re not seeing that goal being realized or if you’re trying to lose weight, so same principle,

You think I’m going to have a salad today and I’m going to go for that walk and the dial barely moves on your weighing scales.
And so you get disheartened.

But here’s the thing.

There’s a reason for that.

We get disheartened because we take score way too soon.

When you set an income goal, imagine a big ship trying to turn around.

If you haven’t been making a certain amount of money and if you set yourself a really big goal, then it can take longer to get there (harder to turn the ship in a different direction)

Not necessarily.

But the problem is we take score way too soon.

This is something that I have been guilty of doing as well.

And I realized actually, you know, well, that’s not the way it should be, because here’s what I have discovered.

Years ago, a mentor said to me, “You don’t make the millions. The millions make you“.

And I remember looking at her that puzzled look on my face going, huh?

What does that mean?

And then the penny dropped.

It’s not about the goal. It’s about what inspires you to be and do in pursuit of that goal, but it’s not the goal.

So if you wanted to be a millionaire, if you wanted to create a business that generated seven figures, even six figures or even 50 K.

It’s not that you make the money, it’s that the money makes you because of all the things that you have to do to step up, step into that person who makes a multiple six figure income or revenue from their business.

It’s about the things that you do in pursuit of that goal that makes the difference.

Here’s what you do instead – you set a goal, then you show up for the process, but you detach from the outcome.

This is a sure-fire way to actually make success inevitable because you’re not making the goal be the thing – that’s just going to actually be a very happy by-product of you showing up for the process so if you wanted to be healthier, you want to lose weight and you show up every day and I’m going to take a 30 minute walk, I’m going to reduce X, Y and Z.

It’s in those habits that actually help you to get to that point anyway.

So success is inevitable.

Same as setting an income goal, especially when, you know, when you think about your business and you think, OK, I want to sign 5K worth of clients this month.

So that’s your goal, but then you say, OK, so what do I need to do on a consistent basis to get people to come and work with me?

So it could be that you write a blog or you record your podcast or you reach out to people, you might do a webinar or whatever it might be, but you don’t get so attached to the goal.

In fact, you actually get really stuck into the process.

And here’s the secret.

Show up for the process, detach from the outcome.

So every time you’re doing a sales call, you don’t want to have that desperation, energy where people can just sense it, that they’re like, oh, she really needs me.

Or, you know, there’s something off with her energy.

You don’t want that. You just want to show up for that sales call.

Be full of curiosity and think, I wonder if I can help this person.

You’re not sitting there thinking I need to make money from this call because your client is not the source of your abundance.

The abundance comes through your client.

So it might not necessarily be that person.

And you might have a sales call and it might not be fruitful.

But then a client comes out of thin air and you think, where did it come from?

But that’s what happens when you show up for the process and you detach from the outcome.

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Love spending this time with you, as always! Let me know what you think and I’ll chat with you next time!

Take care.

Yasmin x

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