When it comes to setting money goals, who is behind them? Is it you or do you think it’s you? Money is such an emotive topic in business especially for women. In this blog, I want to help you set the right goal for you!

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Hi lovelies, this is Yasmin from Tiny Time Big Results.

In this week’s vlog, I wanted to talk to you about a fairly emotive topic, the topic around your money goals.

My question to you today is this…Who sets your money goals?

Is it you? Do you think it’s you?

Or is it something else entirely?

The reason why I’m asking this question is because you set goals every month, in terms of what you want to achieve financially (you might also have an annual goal, and then you break that down into your quarterly goals, your monthly goals, and so forth).

But what’s driving you?

What’s behind the money goal? And when you come to that number, is it really your number?

The reason this is so important is because often in business, we are influenced by what’s going on around us, by other people and their goals.

I remember early on in my business saying to a coach that I was potentially going to be working with, that my monthly goal was 3K and that 3K felt really good to me. It felt really expansive!

And she said, “Oh, really?” And put a downer on it which deflated me!

She said, “No, you’re not thinking big enough, you want to be making 10, 15, 20K a month.”

And at that time, that was just not real to me, it just felt crazy!

It was a long time ago, but it still sticks with me to this day, this feeling of making sure that my money goals are set according to what I choose, not what is going on around me.

So if you’re in the online world, and in different Facebook groups, you’ll probably hear loads of people saying, “I’ve just had a 20K month or a 50K month”. Maybe you’re making 3K or 5K a month…Maybe you’re even making 10K.

But when you compare yourself to someone who’s making 20K or 50K or more, you’ll always find yourself wanting for more.

The key here is to determine, do you want to make 50K a month? Do you want to make 20K?

Or are you happy where you are right now with 10K? It is not about not thinking big because, quite frankly, a lot of that stuff is said to guilt you into doing something.

If the number that you choose feels really good to YOU and it makes you feel expansive and excited and, importantly, it feels doable, then that’s your number!

I want you to hold onto that, don’t let yourself be swayed by what other people are doing and saying.

And if your number is 5K, and you’re thinking, “I really want to make more, I really wanna do more” then put it up by increments.

You don’t have to go jump to wanting make 20K a month.

Just say, “next month, I’m gonna make 6K. I’m gonna make 7K.”

Get excited about the goal because when you get excited, you’ll be amazed at what comes through for you. It’s about feeling pulled towards that vision rather than pushing, and it’s that horrible push energy that you don’t want that in your business.

If you push too much, when you sit down to do your work, you’ll feel like you’ve got to do this NOW – “I’ve got to make 20K and I’ve only made two” and it’s going to feel too hard.

What you will be doing is putting a huge amount of resistance between you and that goal. There is no alignment between you and that goal, and when there is no alignment, you don’t allow it in, so it’s very hard for you to achieve a goal like that. All you will do is give yourself a stick to beat yourself up with.

So when you’re focusing and setting your money goals, ask yourself the question,

Is this really my goal, or am I being influenced by other people? Does it make me feel good? Does it make me feel expansive?

And, of course, take into account the functional elements. “Does it cover my costs? Does it cover the bills? Does it include a profit margin in there?

All of those things need to be taken into account.

Whatever the number is, the most important message I have for you today is to make sure that it’s YOUR number.

Choose a number that covers everything and gives you a little bit over and that feels really good.

And when you want to increase it, do it by increments.

It’s your number. You choose it! It’s up to you.

I hope that helps you today, and if you want my help to grow a profitable business working 20 hours a week or less, book your Strategy Call and I will help you map out how to make it happen in the next 6-12 months using my ‘simple but lucrative‘ methodology.

Take care.

Yasmin xx