In today’s video, I share with you a way to connect with your clients and prospects that takes less than 2 minutes but builds massive rapport!

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Hi, it’s Yasmin from Tiny Time, Big Results.

Today, I want to share with you a really simple strategy that will help nurture relationships with your clients and prospects. It is a really quick and easy win for you, because it does so much in such a short space of time.

I love leverage. That’s what I love talking about! And this strategy is really going too help you to leverage your time massively.

It is only going to take you a couple of minutes at the most to do.

When you get an email from a client asking you some questions, or a prospect who you are nurturing a relationship with, and it is someone you think that you’d be a really good fit with, and you’d really like to work with, there is something that you can do that will really help to leapfrog some of the steps.

Email is great! Text is great! Facebook posts are all well and good…

But what really makes a powerful connection, is video.

I know…if you don’t like doing video, bear with me, because honestly, video is incredible!

I’m not asking you to do a video that’s going to go out to hundreds and hundreds of people!

For the sake of this strategy, all I want you to think about and consider, is a one or two minute video for that prospect that you would love to work with…For that client who’s struggling and just needs to hear something from you that’s going to help them to get past whatever is blocking them.

When you film a video, it does so much. It helps you to convey who you are: your personality, your style, your language. And it shows the other person that you have taken the time to record this personal message for them.

It might only be a 1 minute long video, but it shows that you’ve taken the time, because you personalized it for them…you can say, “hey John, hey Susan, I wanted to shoot this quick video for you.” When I get questions from clients, especially if I get a lot of questions, I tend to shoot a quick video, (because I’m a lot quicker at speaking than I am typing).

So, the next time you are following up with a potential client, and you’re thinking, “oh I don’t really want to do another email”, why not just drop them a quick video?

Record it quickly on your phone and just send it to them with lots of love, and no attachment to the outcome.

See how quickly that helps you to build a connection!

I am not saying that it is going work for every single person. But my philosophy is that I want every single person that comes into contact with me and my business to feel better for having connected with me.

And so, we can’t lose. It’s win-win!

I hope this helps today. I would love to know if you are going to implement this. Why not just try it and see what it could do for you.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Take care.

Love Yasmin xxx