One of the oldest ways to market your business (aka share the message about what you do) is word of mouth but not just any old word of mouth! In this video, I share with you how you can harness the power of testimonials, why they are powerful and why you may feel resistance asking for one (and how to overcome!)

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Hello, this is Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time, Big Results. I hope you’re having a great week so far.

In today’s video, I want to talk to you about the power of testimonials, why they are powerful for your business, why you should be using them, why you should be asking for them and, if you feel any resistance about using testimonials, how to get rid of that once and for all, so you can really grow your business.

Why are testimonials important?

Well first of all, they are a brilliant way to market your business using word of mouth. Word of mouth has been around for hundreds of years, it is one of the oldest ways to grow your business. You want other people to talk about you…And testimonials are a really great way of amplifying that word of mouth method. Secondly, it’s a way for other people to brag and boast about you, you don’t have to be the one that’s saying, “Look at me and how great I am. It is important to realize that when someone else says how great you are, it actually carries far more weight than if you just say it yourself! Thirdly, testimonials show people what can be achieved when they work with you.

When you ask for a testimonial, it’s really important to show people how working with you can help them to create a specific result. I know a lot of people feel weird about asking for testimonials. If you are one of those people, don’t worry! You’re in great company, because I hear this all the time! “I don’t want to ask for a testimonial, it makes me feel weird…I start to feel icky”. There are lots of reasons.

It is interesting because, if someone has achieved great results from working with you, why wouldn’t you ask?

I think this is part of a bigger picture. It’s a bit like when people struggle to ask for the sale. There’s something going on internally, maybe you don’t believe that it was down to you, or that you did anything to deserve it… that they did it all by themselves. Maybe there is a question around your self-worth. It is worthwhile digging a little bit deeper into why you don’t want to ask for the testimonial, because if someone’s raving about you, then it should feel natural to you to say, “I’m so glad that you got great results from working with me! Would you be okay to give me a testimonial? ” or “Can I use that in my marketing and social media?” .

I want it to be natural and feel part of the process. So dig deep as to why you don’t want to ask for the testimonial and, then, when it comes to working with your clients who are getting great results, ask. That’s all you have to do! They can always just say no… That’s the worst that they could say! But if they are happy with working with you, then they’re not going to say no.

You also want your testimonials to be succinct, concise and really give a picture of the before and after when someone has been working with you. I have a specific template for this, which I teach clients in my program. If you’d like to know more about my program and how testimonials can be a huge part of your marketing and also get a look at the bigger picture as to how you market your business in your 20 hour week business, then give me a shout! Book a call with me, I am more than happy to talk you through about how you can grow your business in 20 hours a week or less.

Using testimonials is just one way of marketing your business. For now, what I want you to do is think about how you use testimonials at the moment (if you even ask for them). And think about your overall approach to marketing.

And remember, if you want my help, book a call, I’d love to have a chat with you!

That’s it for today.

Love Yasmin xx