Have you ever found yourself repeating content to your clients? If you have, then today’s blog is for you. I am going to show you how you can make life much easier for yourself and create an empowering experience for your clients!

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Today’s video is all about what happens when you find yourself constantly repeating yourself when you’re talking to your clients.

It was funny when that happened to me.

I would say something and would think “who did I say that to?”

Or “have I already mentioned this to you?”

And my client would say “no, that must been somebody else.”

I quickly realized that there was a process in what I was doing, in how I was helping my clients attract high quality clients consistently and create multiple streams of income from their expertise.

So, after the 100th time of thinking ‘have I said this before??!‘, I knew it was now time for me to create a course.

But not just any old course!

What I was thinking was ‘how can I add massive value in my coaching program?‘.

And I made a decision to create content that my clients could consume in their own time and then if they were doing the group coaching call with me, or a one to one coaching call, I would say to them “make sure you’ve watched this video” or if they have a question, I’d say, “Oh, this video actually answers that“.

Which means the time you spend with your client is focused on application, not teaching.

When you do this in your business, this empowers your client to consume the information. Instead of you teaching it in your call, you can coach them through it and you can show them how it applies in their business.

How this works depends on the nature of your business but I have yet to find a business that it can’t be applied to! (it works really well for your team too!)

There comes a moment in every business where you realise you’re saying the same thing over and over again.

That moment came for me when when I could hear the repetition.

That was the moment where I knew I had to record the information into online content that I could then share with my clients so they could consume it in their own time, rather than me teaching them on the call.

So if you also find yourself constantly repeating yourself and you’re sitting there thinking, “God, I can’t even remember who I’ve said this to”, it’s also time for you.

Not only does this method save your voice(!) it also adds massive value to what you are already doing (and when you add massive value, you can also raise your fees!)

This is what I teach my clients so if you want my help, book a strategy session today and I can show you how to make this happen.

Don’t get stuck on issues like tech (so many people do) or fight your own self doubt (that can keep you trapped for years!) or not know how to structure your content effectively (if you’re going to do it, do it right!)

I’ve been in training, coaching and development for nearly 20 years so I know how to do this quickly and if you work with me, I can massively shortcut the time it takes!

Book your Strategy Session today!

Take care!


Yasmin xx