In this weeks episode we discuss the age old question – should you put your prices on your website or not?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hey lovely, it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results, and in this episode, I want to address the question of whether you should put up your prices on your website.

Now, this little gem pops its head up every now and again in Facebook groups, in conversations and at networking events. People are talking about whether you should put your prices up or not.

First of all, this is not gonna be a definitive yes or no answer.

Spoiler alert, I ain’t gonna do that for you, because it’s your business, you decide. You are your own inner business expert. You have your own inner innate wisdom to determine what is right for you, what feels good for you.

Ultimately, it has to be a decision that is made by you.

What I can share with you are the reasons why you would and why you wouldn’t show your prices on your website

So let’s talk about why you would put your prices up on your website.

If I go to a website and I see a menu of options, it gives me an understanding of what is in my affordability range. It gives me an idea as to the service that’s being provided. It tells me about the business.

It tells me whether it’s for me or whether it might be a stretch.  It’s like if you went into a restaurant and there were no prices on the menu. You’d get a little bit nervous. If you were looking at the menu outside the restaurant, you might feel a little bit nervous about going in, because you can’t see the prices.

So putting your price on your website means that people get a sense of who you are and the prices that you’re charging for your different services.

When someone is interested, then they already have seen the prices. So you know that there are no nasty surprises. And I don’t mean that in a bad way because it’s all about value.

But it just means that if someone already knows that your package is 3,000, then they’ve already taken that into account, and when they book a sales call, happy days, they already know how much it’s gonna cost. And that’s actually a really nice feeling because you’re not worried about having to present the price in a particular way.

So putting your price on your website tells people how much things cost and its straightforward. Showing your prices is also a very powerful positioning tool, because it shows people how you’re positioned in the marketplace.

Are you on the high-end version, the expensive version? Or are you on the lower end? And there’s no judgment here about whether you’re expensive or less expensive. There’s absolutely no judgment because it is based completely on the type of business that you have. It lets people know how much things cost and they can determine whether it’s right for them or not.  It also helps them to see your positioning as well based on lots of factors that go into price positioning, but if somebody’s most expensive program is 15,000, and they kinda go ‘whoa!’, and then they see a program that is say, 500, they think ‘oh that’s a really good deal’.

You see how that works? So if you’ve got a really high-end program, but then you also have something that is a lower priced program or product or service, it helps people to make a decision. And so they do a lot of the inner dialogue before they’ve even spoken to you.

Why wouldn’t you put your prices up on your website?

You might find that for the work that you do, it’s hard for people to understand the value of it until you have a conversation. Sometimes we use the question of affordability as an excuse for not doing something. And so when you see the price, and maybe it’s a thousand, and you think ‘oh it’s too expensive, I’m not gonna do it‘.

But actually, it could be really valuable to you but you don’t understand enough based on the sales page that you see, and when you look at the thousand, you think oh it’s too much, but actually if you would have a conversation with the person who’s delivering that service, and immediately a thousand seems like the best deal of the century, then chances are that that’s the reason why that person is not displaying their prices on their website.

And your business could be the same. You can share the value of what you do through a sales conversation, or you can help people to see the value through a sales conversation rather than just an online sales page.

There are no right or wrong answers, unfortunately.

I wish I had a magic wand and I could just say do this and do this, and everything will be great. Because the reality is that somebody could land on your website,  see your prices, and rule themselves out, and they actually could be a really great candidate for having that sales conversation with you and for you to show them the value.

But because they have already looked at the prices and said ‘whoa, no, I can’t do that, that’s not in my budget‘, or they might actually say that’s too cheap. That happens too. You could be missing out on those people, but you could also be missing out on those people who would never book a sales conversation with you because they don’t know the price.

I’ve often heard that where people say ‘I will not book a sales conversation, because I don’t wanna be embarrassed about not being able to afford the investment’. Nobody wants to be on a call and they say it’s gonna be two and a half thousand, and they have to admit it’s not possible for them. You don’t wanna be in that position, which is completely understandable. I’ve been there too, and I know I’ve avoided booking a conversation because I don’t know how much it’s gonna be.

The thing is you don’t just have to give a price. You could give a ballpark figure. You could give a range. That’s a couple of ways around it. I like to use the positioning method, so if you have a signature program, and you have different ways that you deliver that, so maybe you have a high end, maybe you have something that’s kinda more medium priced, and then low end. If you can show people that that is what’s available, then they can make a decision based on what’s right for them and their purse.

So they might think, ‘oh do you know what, the high end is too high, but I don’t want the low end, I’m gonna go for the middle price‘. It’s all about the psychology of pricing. It’s fascinating.

It’s why I recommend and encourage people to have a different price point to suit different budgets.

So people can still do the work, but the way that you deliver the work is going to be different, and that helps if you have your prices on your website then for people to be able to see the different prices.

I’ve done both. I’ve done it where I have given people the price. I’ve given people a range or a ballpark, and then I haven’t done anything at all where they just book a sales conversation and find out.

And one of the main reasons why I encourage people to just book a sales conversation and have a conversation is because that sales conversation can unearth exactly what the issue is. And you might look at a program of mine and think, ‘oh I don’t know whether that’s right for me or not. Oh, I don’t think it is, I’m not gonna book a sales conversation’. I might actually have something else that’s really useful to you and that’s more relevant for you.

You have to make a decision based on what is right for you and your business. But most of all, do what feels good to you. If you want people to land on your website, see how much it is, and to be a qualified lead booking that sales conversation so that you’re able to make the most of the time that you have by talking only to people who know how much it’s gonna be, then go ahead, put your prices on there.

But if you’re still thinking, ‘oh I think I’m gonna lose a lot of people by putting the prices up’, then don’t. Just have a range or a ballpark, or ‘these packages start from…‘. There are ways around it.

Don’t be afraid though of showing your value and standing by that value as well. I could talk more about this, but I’m not going to. I’m gonna leave it there, and let me know what you think. Would you prefer to see prices on a website as a buyer? Or are you comfortable to not have the prices on?

Let me know, I’d love to hear what you think. Pop your questions and comments below, and I look forward to seeing you the next time. If you’re struggling with this, then don’t forget to book your free Tiny Time triage call with me, and let’s have that conversation. Alright my lovely, talk to you next time.

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx