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Hey lovely it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results and today let’s talk about how people come to you and whether you have a set process for people to know how they can start working with you.

When I talk about the five big problems that people struggle with when they have time and they want a profitable business, problem number three is a failure to convert. This is the process of taking your prospects who are consuming your free content to actually becoming a paid client.

The problem is that we get so used to putting out lots and lots of free content that we don’t really put as much thought into how we convert that person from free to paid. So let’s talk about that today because if you’re not clear on what that process looks like, then chances are that your client attraction and client conversion is hit and miss.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But what you want when you have a profitable 20-hour a week business, is a proven client attraction and conversion process. So we’re gonna talk about one aspect of that today.

So how do people work with you? If you have a process where somebody needs to book a call with you and that is the primary route for you to have paying clients, then take a look at the process that you have around that. Around the sales call. All methods are going to involve selling whether it’s through an online sales page or whether it’s through a sales call.

So let’s look at the sales call first of all. When you’re thinking about the sales call you want your appointment book flooded with highly qualified leads and they’re all dying to work with you. That’s the dream okay!

But are you making it easy for people to do that? How often do you invite people to book a call with you? Do you have a page on your website to enable people to book a call with you? Are you talking about it in every blog? Are you talking about it in every video? How often do you talk about booking a call? Do you get shy, do you get all panicky and think, oh this is the bit that I hate when I have to invite people to have a call.

The thing is, when you’re marketing, you’re letting people know what it is you do, how you can help them and you’re increasing that tension people feel because they’re aware that they need help with something. One of the things that I have tried to do many, many, times is quit sugar. It just doesn’t work for me. I love my sugar, I can’t help it.

But this always creates a huge amount of tension for me because when I see someone talking about quitting sugar I’ll always be interested but I’ll be like, “oh okay, maybe this time it’ll work”. But what I want to know is what’s the invitation? What’s the next step?

If you’re not giving them signposts and saying this is what to do next, this is the gap.

That’s where the breakdown is.

Take a look at your business assets. Your website, your social media. Everything that you do. Do you make it easy for people to book a call with you? Or is the form hidden away in the depths of the website? Or do you just not invite people to book a call with you? It’s really important, you’ve got to make it easy and you’ve got to make it really clear.

You have to lay out the path for your prospect. And it’s the same principle with your sales page. But with your sales page, you’re doing the job of the sales call in a sales page. I personally find sales calls so much more enjoyable than doing online sales pages. Yes, there is huge leverage in the sales page but you are trying to cover so much in the sales page. I find having a conversation works so much more easily and organically but there is a place in your business for both.

You’ve got to be mindful of the fact that when you invite people to a sales page then the sales page has to do the job of what you would’ve done in a sales call.  This is why if you’re doing any kind of paid advertising, never send people to a sales page. You always send them to a lead magnet page. Something that will warm them up. You don’t want to go straight into the sale.

So when you’re thinking of the sales page, think about all the things that are going through the mind of your prospects and there’s a whole psychology around what you put in your sales page as well. Just like there’s a whole psychology around how you do a sales call authentically and in alignment and in a way that you serve the person because not every sales call is going to be a yes because they may not be a perfect fit for you and that’s okay as well.

But that’s a topic for another video I think!

I want you just to think about your process right now – how do you get people to come to you. How do they book a call with you? Are you being clear in your process? Are you making it easy for people to book? I have an online calendar that allows people to choose a time that suits them. Then I have a form that they have to fill in before they can book the call and that gives me a certain amount of information so that I can equip myself and prepare myself for the call so that I can make sure that I can serve that person.

Think about your sales process before the sales call and make sure that you’re making it easy for people to find you, to book a call with you and for them to be able to say “yes, this is the person that I wanna work with”.

The key thing with tiny time is to make sure that you simplify what you do in your business and then amplify it.

And this is one aspect that you can do a great job of simplifying and then amplify it. So get really clear on how people come to you and work with you and then create a process around that that is streamlined and smooth and then think about how you can amplify that and how you can basically add more juice to that.

Remember, if you struggle with any of these things, come and talk to me. Book your Tiny Time Triage call with me. Let’s have a conversation about what that could look like for you and how I can help you.

I hope that helps. Let me know your questions and your thoughts below and if you like this video then please feel free to share it, the more the merrier.

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx