Today we’re going to check to see if you’re Oprah ready! Intrigued? I’ll explain all in this 9 minute episode.

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Hey lovely, it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results.

Recently, I was reading this article about an author who was featured on Oprah’s book club. The problem was he wasn’t ready for it, and, as you can imagine, if you’re on Oprah, the world is at your feet!

I’m a big Oprah fan. To get her endorsement would be an amazing marketing coup for you, So many people have this dream of being discovered, whether it’s on Oprah or on Ellen or somebody big in your industry, but this guy was not ready.

There weren’t enough printed copies of his book, and they ran out, and what could’ve been a great opportunity was a lost opportunity, and it got me thinking about our businesses and your business specifically, thinking, would you be Oprah ready?

I’m not saying that you’re gonna get on Oprah; I wish I could have that power, but would you be ready if suddenly a well-known person in your industry said, oh my God, you need to check out this person; you need to check out this blog or this amazing book or this amazing podcast or this free gift that this person has is just mind-blowing, and, if that happened to you, would you be ready for it?

I like to think of it as being Oprah ready because it’s the pinnacle, but just substitute it with someone who’s in your industry.

If you’re in the food industry, and Jamie Oliver suddenly talked about how wonderful you were, would you be Jamie ready? It doesn’t mean you have to have a book or that you have to have a podcast or that you have to have millions of followers because that may not be true for you so what does it really mean to be Oprah ready? And how does it relate to your business?

When they hear about you, they’ll check you out. Does Google have lots of great content listed for you? They’ll go to your website; they’ll check you out. Are they going to find a website that’s out of date? With a message that is generic, vague, bland, not really hitting the mark? Would they find blog entries that are six months old? Would they find enough information about you or would it feel stale, would it feel outdated or is it dynamic and active?

The reason why I want you to think about these things is because you never know when your great opportunity could come up. I believe that we have opportunities all the time but if you think about it, if you suddenly got featured on Oprah and all these people suddenly heard about your business, would you be ready?

So here are a few things I want you just to have a look at in your business to help you get Oprah ready, okay?


First of all, have a look at your website. Is your marketing message punchy, specific, compelling, does it draw them in; does it tell the people that you wanna serve you’re for them and that you’re not for other people?

Remember your marketing message should always magnetize or repel; you don’t want to attract everybody, so is it gonna attract the right people, and is it gonna repel the people that you don’t wanna work with or that just don’t fit for you? That’s a good thing if it magnetizes or it repels; that’s a good thing, okay? So that’s your website.

So, I don’t know whether you’re familiar with this story, but Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love, this was a few years ago, and, you know he was putting up content and he was showing up, but guess who showed up and tweeted about him? And that led him to have this huge surge in popularity?

I think a quarter of a million hits on his website after a tweet by a Kim Kardashian. Now, you may not particularly appreciate Kim Kardashian, but she did wonders for his business because she said, ‘oh my God, this is an amazing website’, and suddenly everyone wanted to check it out! If Kim Kardashian did tweet about you, and they went onto your website, would you hold that interest enough with the marketing message that’s on your website?

Lead Magnet

And then how are you capturing their interest? Do you have an attractive lead magnet? That somebody gives you their email address for and, in return, you give them this lead magnet, whether it could be a PDF, it could be a meditation or it could be a video training, whatever it might be? So now they join your list. So now, you could have, you know, a million people hit on your website, and you’re gonna have 1% that, join your email list. That’s pretty phenomenal!

So do you have a lead magnet?


Then think about what do you do with them after that? I can’t tell you how many times I have opted for a lead magnet and then get nothing until someone wants to sell me something, and, at that stage, I really don’t have much interest in it because there’s been no nurturing at all.

What’s your nurture sequence? If you’ve got my free video series, this is something I talk about and how to attract and convert clients in less than 20 hours a week.  There’s a short term nurture and there is a long term nurture, so someone lands on your website, do they get the lead magnet, are you then nurturing them in the short term, and how are you nurturing them in the long term?

Remember there are buying cycles.

People don’t buy whether we want them to buy; they buy when they’re ready, and you want to be ready for them when they’re thinking, yes, I need to take action today.

If you’re Oprah ready, then these pieces will be there, and you’ll have them.  Now, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this isn’t about me trying to overwhelm you and go, ‘oh my God, I’ve gotta have all this stuff done’.  No, you start, and you do one bit by bit, step by step, or as one of my friends recently said to me, toe by toe, and I went, I love that, not even step by step, that’s too big, toe by toe. So if you just work on your marketing message, then you think about what that lead magnet looks like, then you work on the nurturing.

You do this one step at a time, one toe at a time, and there’s no overwhelm, but it doesn’t mean that you just have to try and get it all done; you don’t, okay?

Think marketing message, lead magnet, nurturing, and then, how you convert people from being a prospect into a paying client to buy something from you? These are the things I want you to be thinking about because you could have hundreds and thousands or even millions of followers, but you could have a very poor business if they’re not paying.

You have to know how to turn influence into a profitable business; it’s crucial because, if you’re in business and you want to make money, then you need to know how to turn that interest (now Oprah’s raving about you), into a profitable business. Luckily, this is something that I can help you with, so if you want to know more, then get in touch and book your free 15 minute Tiny Time Triage call.

If you haven’t got your hands on my free five minute video series where I go into more detail about the lead magnet and the nurture sequence, then here is a link so go and get that today.


Being Oprah ready is not about having everything in place RIGHT NOW. It’s more about getting your head in gear, thinking about how could you be ready for that big opportunity, and making sure that you’re getting your ducks lined up.

Step by step, toe by toe, no overwhelm is allowed in the world of Tiny Time. We have tiny time, so we’ve got to make the most of the time that we do have, and so we just take it one step at a time.

If you’d like to know more on how to really make this work powerfully in your business, then get in touch and book your Tiny Time Triage call, and let’s have a conversation.

Alright, my lovely, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode today, and I look forward to seeing you the next time; pop your questions, comments, and ah-ha’s below, and I look forward to seeing you next time, take care.

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx