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Hey lovely, it’s Yasmin from Tiny Time Big Results and, and today I want to share with you about how you can create a vision board with extra oomph.

Now, I am a huge believer in creating our reality and believing that we have the ability to manifest what we want. This is a big part of my belief system. It hasn’t always been like that, but over the years as I’ve studied manifestation, law of attraction, and really understanding about the nature of energy and the nature of our world, it’s made me even more convinced that we are energy and that what we put out there is what we get back. I’m always conscious of what am I putting out there. And I wanna be really clear and defined in the outcomes that I wanna create. So, a vision board is a way for you to do that.

Now, you might see behind me, this is my son’s vision board. He’s seven. He did this when he was in mindfulness class. And then all the stuff behind it is my vision board. It’s a way for me to be able to express my deepest desires but I’m not sure whether he wants a dinosaur. If you listen to this on the podcast, if you check out on the video you’ll be able to see that there’s a big dinosaur, I think it’s a T-Rex, on his vision board. So I’m hoping that there’s no T-Rexes coming any time soon. He has a love of dinosaurs obviously.  It enables us to to have a real understanding of what it is that we really wanna create.

Now, I believe in kind of creating our reality. What I don’t believe is getting completely drilled down into the details, like it has to happen a certain way. I like to think more in terms of general outcome, like a sense of happiness, abundance, riches, wealth, health, friendships, beautiful home, but I don’t get twisted into how those things are going to happen. And that’s an important thing to be very mindful of. That’s the first nuance that I wanna share with you, about how to make your vision board have extra oomph in it, okay?

So first thing that you need to be thinking about is, “what is that I really wanna create in my life? What are the specific outcomes?” Maybe it’s publishing your book or going on that big round-the-world trip with your family. But then you don’t get hung up into “well how is it gonna happen? We have no money, how on earth can we go around the world?” or “I can’t write for toffee, I’m never gonna have a published book”. It’s not about thinking about the how because that’s where we all get our knickers in a twist, I’m afraid. So, we don’t get into the how, but we think about how we’d feel if we had a particular outcome. So maybe it’s traveling more rather than necessarily it has to be a round-the-world trip, we’re gonna take all three kids and we’re all gonna have a great time. Well you say, “You know what, maybe we just have a lot more holidays in the year so we get to do all the traveling but it’s not stressful and it doesn’t take up as much of our resources.” You see the nuances? You’re not getting bogged down into the detail of how it has to be.

So when you look at your vision board, and you can get one of those nice big sheets of cardboard from an art shop, and go into magazines and books, maybe not books. Get into magazines and cut out pictures that represent what you would like to create. So the first nuance is that you don’t look at that and think, “Oh, I don’t know how I’m gonna do that.” That’s not what this is about. A vision board is really about helping you to articulate your desire and your vision. And the reason why this is so powerful in your business and in your life, is because you are always creating. I don’t want you to look five years down the line and think, “Oh, God. This isn’t what I wanted at all.” You don’t wanna have your ladder against the wrong wall. You wanna be consciously creating. Consciously creating the way that your business works so that it fits in with your life. I’m all about the 20-hour week business so we’ve got to be very conscious about what kinds of things we’re offering, the kind of packages and kind of services and programs that we’re offering that enables us to achieve our outcome and our desire. So when you’re looking at your vision board, it gets you excited and it propels you forward and you feel like this strong pull. Okay? So, that’s the first thing.

The second thing that’s gonna really add oomph to your vision board is when you’re looking at all the things that you want to bring into your life, I also want you to add things that are already in your life. Now, I learnt this from the fabulous author Rebecca Campbell, and was it in her either, I think it was in her book Rise Sister Rise, amazing book, highly recommend it. And she talks about the power of focusing on what you want but what you already have and when you combine that together, it actually makes you far more receptive to the things that you want that you don’t have yet. Because you’re looking at the things that you already have. So instead of just looking at a vision board that just has everything that you want but you don’t have it right now, the problem is you’re looking at things that you don’t have and if you are a student of the law of attraction, you’ll know that that actually doesn’t work, because you’re focusing on the lack of something. However, if you focus on what you already have as well, then what happens is that your brain can’t distinguish that actually I don’t have this but I have this. It just feels like I have it all. And it brings it together in a beautiful movement and it enables you to feel more excited and for you to consciously create that. Now that, I promise you, is gonna add huge power to your visioning and to your vision board. So when I look at my vision board, I look at things that are already up there and think, “I’ve already got that. “I’ve already achieved that.” And so when I look at the things that I don’t have yet, I get excited and my brain can’t tell the difference. And in my head, I’m focusing on the abundance and what I have and not focusing on the lack, on what I don’t have.

Now use these little nuances to create an amazing vision board. I promise you, you will find that it adds extra oomph, extra energy, extra enthusiasm, and extra passion into what you’re creating. Remember, you are a conscious creator and I want you to create your business the way you want it to be and the way it fits into your life as well. And I have to stop there because I can hear the baby crying. So I’d better go and see if he’s okay. Alright, I hope that’s been useful.

Love and hugs,

Yasmin xxx

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