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Hello lovely, it’s Yasmin Vorajee from Tiny Time Big Results and and today let’s address that question of, what do you do when someone says to you, you’re too expensive?

You know, maybe you’re doing a sales call. You feel like you’ve built up a really good rapport and they say I really wanna know more about your program and then you give them the price. You explain the value, you present the price and they say, oh, you’re too expensive.

I know, it can feel like a big punch to the belly. It can make you feel really uncomfortable. It can make a lot of people get very wobbly and this is when you typically start doing all of the things like oh, I’ll give you a discount or I priced this because, and you know, you kinda start making all these excuses up as to why your pricing is the way it is.

However, I want you to be in a position of strength. I want you to be in a position of completely standing in your power and owning it. Okay, here’s the one thing that I want you, or that I would invite you to respond with that, you know, to that question, or to that statement that you’re too expensive.

So, you say to them, compared to what? I’m too expensive compared to what?

And, this is their opportunity then to be able to tell you what they’re thinking ’cause sometimes it can be a knee jerk reaction, but we want to get deeper, we wanna get under the surface. What do you mean, it’s too expensive?

Now, the key thing here is for you to not wobble, for you to not suddenly panic and think, oh my God, they’re rejecting me. It’s nothing to do with that. It’s their own internal processing going on and they’re thinking, oh, that’s a lot of money. But, if you’re able to say to them, compared to what, it invites that conversation and it invites it to be more open and you can dig deeper.

So, say, compared to what. I could buy a book. Yes absolutely, you could buy a book and that’ll be 10, 15 quid. I could go on YouTube and I could, ‘YouTube it’ and yeah, absolutely you could do that.

You see, there’s no wobbling going on there because you’re not disagreeing, you’re saying yes, you can get a book or you can get a YouTube video.

However, the key thing here is when you stand in your own power, you know that there is a ton of information out there and a lot of it is free, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that you then start thinking, oh, God, I’m too expensive because that’s their energy and that’s their block.

So, when someone says you’re too expensive and you say, well, compared to what and they say oh, I can get all this for free. You say yeah, absolutely go ahead because the thing is you know your value and when you know your value that is the linchpin.

I promise you you will not wobble when you have real certainty and clarity about what it is that you’re offering and how good it is and I know you’re gonna be pricing it competitively anyway.

But, when you can stand in your power and you say, well, this is the price, and you invite that person to go ahead, you know, yeah, don’t be afraid of losing the sale. You know, you might want to take the sale away from them and say, listen, I’m not for everybody. I appreciate this might be out of your budget and that’s okay.

There’s no judgment there, there’s no shaming going on. You know, we all have different ideas in our heads about what, how much we’re willing to pay for certain things, that’s okay. It’s not about making anybody feel bad, but it’s about you standing in your power and knowing the value that you’re gonna be bringing to somebody.

So, if you’re offering something, like you’re offering to help someone to lose weight and keep it off forever, like that’s worth gold for somebody, especially for somebody who has been struggling and maybe has been yo-yo dieting for the last 20 years.

If you’re helping someone to find their life partner and they’ve been single for the last five years, that is really worth it to them, but it’s up to you to be able to articulate that and to be able to show the how working with you is going to help to create that result because that’s all that’s happening here.

There’s a disjoint.

They’re not 100 percent convinced or clear about how you can help them. So, when they say that’s too expensive, it’s just a nice, neat way of getting out of working with you. It’s not about you panicking and wobbling, It’s about you showing up to that sales conversation beforehand and knowing the value that you’re offering.

And here’s the thing, right. This is really important.

Information doesn’t create results, implementation does.

This is a big part of my book and it’s something that I’ve talked about ad nauseum. It is not about the information, it’s about the implementation.

See, the thing is we have this tendency to kinda say, oh I know all this, I know all this, but if you’re not implementing it and you’re not seeing results then it’s worth nothing.

So, information, yes you can get lots of free information out there, but when it comes down to it, it’s the implementation that makes a big difference.

So, you could buy my book, the investment will be around 10/15 quid. There’s a lot of great information in there, but I also know that for a lot of people, they will say well, okay, how do I implement this and that’s when you think about potentially working with me in my programs.

But, can you see information is really useful and it will get you to a certain point, but then it’s the implementation that makes the biggest difference.

You have both and you have magic.

But, don’t let someone saying that you’re too expensive wobble you and make you start questioning everything. The key to do that is to make sure that you are certain of your value and how you’ve put it together and the value that you can help that person create or the result that they can get.

When you’re standing in that power and you’re you know, kind of really owning your power and standing in that power, it’s easy it’s fine.

You’ll find the right people and the right people will be attracted to you as well.

So, that’s it for today. Let me know what you think. Pop your thoughts, questions, comments in the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you. Do you find that you wobble when someone says that? Give it a go. Why don’t you ask them that question, compared to what? And, see what happens. I would love to see the shift for you so that you can stand in your own power and know the value that you bring to someone’s life.

All right, my lovely, take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Yasmin xxx