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in today’s episode let’s talk about whether you should focus on one-on-one clients or whether you should get that online program up and running.

So first of all, why should you focus on one-on-one clients? Well, I believe this is the place for everyone to start irrespective of what you do in your business.

The one-on-one work is key because it enables you to see exactly how you’re helping your clients, and the reality is that until you do this work everything else is just really fuzzy.

Working with one-on-one clients helps you to clarify your process, it helps to clarify the work that you’re doing and the results that you’re helping your clients to create.

Secondly, it’s great for cash flow if you position it as a premium package. This means that you package a ton of value, not necessarily time, but a ton of value into a package, and show someone what they could achieve and what they could create.

And when you have tiny time, a premium package is a fantastic way to leverage your time.

Thirdly, it prevents that feeling of pressure when you are doing a group program. When you have to fill a program of 8 or 10 people, it can put pressure on you.

Whereas if you’re just doing one-on-one work, then your focus is on the next client.

On the other hand…

An online program enables you to leverage your time powerfully.

For example, if you were doing 1:1 work and you had 10 clients and you spent an hour each with them (total of 10 hours).

If you then created your online program and you delivered it as a group program and you had 10 people in the program and you spent an hour or two a week with them, you’re already saving 8-9 hours every single week.

So it’s a fantastic way to leverage your time, and also enables you to serve more people. You could have 10 people, you could have 20 people, you could have 50, you could have 100 people on your group program!!

It does enable you to serve more people.

There is a time and a place, I believe, for an online program.

But the question is, should you focus on one-on-one clients, or should you focus on getting that program up and running?

Well, do you know what? I actually don’t think it’s a simple black or white issue.

Actually it’s a journey.

This is what I’ve found over the years as I’ve been working in my business, refining my process and my methodology, what I found is that actually an online program is a really fantastic way for you to be able to create a framework for the work that you do.

Because when you’re doing the one-on-one work, you get a solid understanding of how you work, you get clear on all the nuances of your process, and you also get really clear on what it is that your clients actually want from you,

Often it can be very different to what’s in your head.

Working through this process can help you tremendously because it gives you that level of clarity.

And here’s the thing….you can be doing these in tandem.

So for solid consistent cash flow, you stay focused on the one-on-one.

Continue focusing on getting one-on-one clients, but you could also work on creating that online program.

The work that you do with your one-on-one clients is going to feed into that.

It’s not like you’re doing more work, it’s just helping you to get really clear on what it is that you are actually doing.

What that enables you to do is create a signature program that becomes the bedrock of everything that you do.

For me, I see this as a launchpad to enable you to create multiple streams of income in your business.

That signature program could become your online group program, it could be part of the premium package, thus adding a huge amount of value to the package that already exists. You could turn that signature program into your book, you could turn it into a self-study course, a workshop or it could be a mastermind. There are so many options that you can then pursue when you have that signature program.

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This is what I do with my clients is, I help them to get really clear on the process they’re doing with their clients,

This is where I think that you can do both.

Focus on the one-on-one clients, keep that solid income coming in, because that will enable you to be far more creative. Creativity gets stunted when you’re worrying about bills and money. So keep focusing on the one-on-one clients, and ideally, if you want to really leverage your time and really create generous revenues, then create a premium package.

And also think about creating your signature program you can use as a launchpad for multiple streams of income.

Then you really can start to see how you can add more fuel to your business fire and to see it grow and to see it really thrive, all of this in your tiny time.

Your Next Step…

If you’d like my help and do this work and get your signature program up and running and use it to create an amazing premium package, then book your free 15 minute Tiny Time Triage call, and let’s talk and see if this is the right step for you and if I’m the right person to help you.

Over to you now. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that you can do both? Have you ever thought about creating a signature program that could become the launchpad for other things?

Not saying that you have to create all the things that I said. It simply gives you an idea as to the potential of your business, and that’s exciting!!

Especially for a tiny time business, you’re trying to run a business in less than 20 hours a week, then having multiple streams of income will enable you to really create amazing revenues in your business, and so you can go and do all the other things that you want to do, like travel, spend time with your family, grow vegetables!

All right, my lovely, I’d love to hear from you. So pop your comments below or come and join me in the Facebook group Tiny Time Tribe, and I’d love to hear from you.

Yasmin xxx