In this episode, let’s dig deep into what to do when your clients can’t afford you…

There are a few things you can do to help you avoid this objection and ideally, eradicate it from your business…FOREVER!

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Today let’s talk about a thorny issue that comes up for a lot of business owners and perhaps it’s come up for you once or twice as well.

Let’s talk about money and affordability.

And specifically the phrase ‘my clients can’t afford me‘.

Has this ever happened to you where you’ve been having a great sales conversation with somebody and you know you’ve built a great connection, and in the back of your mind you’ve got this little voice that’s saying ‘they can’t afford me, they can’t afford me, they’re going to say no because they can’t afford me‘.

Be honest now, have you? We all have. 

So today I wanted to kind of share a couple of tips that I think will really help you to get past this because it is a big block. And if you’re feeling it then you are emitting the energy that they’re not gonna be able to afford me, and oddly enough you attract people who can’t afford you!

If you have staff or a team, then this will also affect you because this is a big block.

If you sense that the energy that your business is putting out there is that ‘we’re too expensive, or that you’re not gonna be able to afford me’. It’s like the Pretty Woman scene when she goes in and the snooty woman says ‘we’re too expensive for you‘.

And she actually had a ton of money. It’s a classic example of assuming that someone can’t afford your services!

So let’s dig a little bit deeper into this because it’s easily rectifiable, but you have to be willing to acknowledge and admit that there is a problem here, and that it’s something that it can be fixed entirely from your side.

First of all, one of the most important tips that I’m gonna tell you, and I’m gonna be blunt about this, take your hand out of their pocket!

What I mean by that is stop assuming control of their purse or wallet.

Stop assuming that you know what they’re gonna spend their money on. If people value what you have then they will pay for it. And if they don’t value it, they won’t.

It’s as simple as that.

But every time you stick your hand in their pocket and say ‘you’ve only got a few quid here, you better not buy this‘, you’re taking that responsibility away from them and you’re putting it all on your shoulders.

Why would you do that? It doesn’t make any sense.

Instead, what you need to be focused on making sure that what you’re offering is a fantastic product/ package/ program/ service, it’s value-full, it’s going to help people to achieve their goals, their desires, their outcomes, whatever it is that you’re selling.

You focus on your bit!

In a sales conversation, come to the conversation with an amazing package, a heart felt approach, a genuine desire to help that person, and you show them what’s available for them, and then you let them make the decision.

Stop trying to take that away from them and making assumptions. When you make the decision for them (and some people do this by not even making an offer), you deprive them of an amazing opportunity.

So take your hand out of their pocket!

It’s nothing to do with you what they spend their money on.

And that’s really important.

Affordability is extremely subjective. When people value it, they will buy.

The other thing I want you to think about is the energy that you are putting out there in everything that you do.

Branding is not just about your colours and what your website looks like. It’s about the feeling that you’re evoking in people, the feeling that you’re causing them to have about you and your company.

So, when you are infusing your energy into what you do, are you infusing it with the right kind of energy and the right kind of focus? Do you have your ideal client in your head? The person you’d love to work with?

When you focus on your ideal client and gear everything towards them, you attract those people.

You want to attract the right people. The people who want to work with you, the people who are ready to work with you, the ones who can see the value of what you do.

You don’t want to have a diary full of sales appointments and not one single one of them converts because they’re the wrong people.

If you’re already defeated before you’ve even had the sales conversation, then it’s not gonna happen for you. And trust me I know because I have been there.

And there’s such a huge difference in when you actually turn up for a sales call and you’re full of purpose and you know that what you have to offer is amazing, compared to when you are not clear, when you don’t have that clarity and focus and passion behind what it is that you’re going to be doing.

This is big.

If you are coming at this sales conversation thinking, “God, they can’t afford it,” then that’s the signal you’re sending out.

But if you approach the call with an openness and you’re focused on attracting your ideal client, (this goes through your whole marketing strategy), then you will start to get the right people on your sales calls.

And your conversion rate will go through the roof!

This is a really important element of the five steps to attracting and converting clients in less than 20 hours a week.

One of the steps is around mastering your conversion tool.

And for most businesses this is the sales conversation.

It’s time to get fearless about about doing sales conversations.

Stop having this block in your head about the fact that someone can’t afford it.

A lot of the times it’s your own block.

Look at your own money situation. If you’re in the head space of ‘I can’t afford this, I can’t afford that‘, what you’re doing is you’re actually projecting that out to people and allowing it to colour what is going on for you in your business.

And that stops you from being able to serve the people that you are here to serve.

So it’s really important for you to be mindful of your energy, your own projections.

And if you’re thinking they can’t afford it, that could just be your own story playing out.

Get really good at the sales conversation. And know that you absolutely have the ability to attract and convert the right clients.

It’s all about getting your head space, and also coming from a place of heart and from a place of genuine service. No manipulation needed. You don’t need any of that stuff.

You just need to come at it from a place of openness, a curiosity, and a desire to serve. And I promise you, you will not hear ‘my clients can’t afford me’, but you’ve got to stop saying it first as well.

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