You might think a webinar is only for selling….well, I’m here to tell you they’re not!

Webinars are a great way to grow your business without a sales pitch….here’s why!

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The Lowdown

You might be thinking, “Can I really do a webinar without having some kind of a pitch at the end? Isn’t that what everyone teaches? Isn’t that why my Facebook feed is flooded with tons and tons of webinar invitations because that’s how people sell?

You would be right. It is a very popular selling tool.

But I don’t believe that webinars are only a selling tool as in you’re directly selling on the webinar.

I’ve done webinars for a long time now. I love doing them. They can be a lot of work but they are so powerful.

I’m going to share why.

First of all, let’s talk about the ‘know, like and trust‘ factor.

How you get people to know you, like you and trust you. Webinars are a brilliant way of leapfrogging that process.

Reading an email is not the same as spending time with someone and getting a sense of their style, personality and knowledge.

But with a webinar, you get to feel a sense of connection and it helps to build strong rapport (or not which is fine too!).

Not only are you building the ‘know, like and trust’ factor but you’re deepening the rapport and the connection.

And I’ve said this before, money only exchanges hands when there is a level of trust.

And that’s why webinars are a great tool, not for selling directly but selling indirectly.

What I’ve done a lot of times is create a valuable webinar.

No pitch, nothing.

There’s no program that I’m selling or anything like that. There will still be a call to action but it’s not a direct selling webinar.

And what I’ve found is that when I have done those webinars, people who have signed up to it move one step, two steps maybe, even a few steps closer to working with me.

Webinars are also great because they’re a great tool for selling one to many.

It’s me sitting here in front of my webcam and sharing what I know.

Creating a webinar on a topic that my audience would find very valuable.

When you do that for your audience, they will think “Oh, she gets this stuff. I’m struggling with it. Therefore it’s a good match.

And that’s what I want you to be thinking about when you do webinars.

You are going to do webinars aren’t you? 😉

When you do webinars, you get someone thinking, “Oh, she gets my problem. She has a solution. I’m going to go and work with her/ buy her program,”

It leap frogs the process.

Another added bonus of doing valuable and pitch free webinars is that it puts you under pressure…in a good way!

A webinar means you have to organize your knowledge and your content in a way that makes sense for the person who’s receiving it.

It puts you under a good kind of pressure to really get clear on what it is that you are offering, what your signature offer is, what your marketing message is, and how you break the process down.

When you work with your clients, there’s a process that you go through.

The problem is that when you have the curse of too much knowledge it all stays in your head and you’re probably thinking, “Oh, I don’t really know how I do this. I just do it!

A webinar forces you to sit down and plot it out so that you’re able to share that with your audience.

So to recap, you don’t have to be directly selling on a webinar but you can be indirectly selling.

Use webinars to build the know, like and trust factor

Deepen the rapport and connection.

Give your audience a call to action – the next step (e.g somebody books a session with you, a strategy session, a consultation, just have a chat and see whether you can work together).

Use webinars to organise your knowledge and expertise.

So tell me, what do you think?

Are you going to start doing webinars? Comment below and let me know and if you’re still not convinced or still not sure about webinars tell me what’s blocking you and let’s see if we can’t figure this out!

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Take care.

Yasmin xxx