Do you ever wonder why you’re not attracting amazing clients?

You get some clients but you want more of the dreamy clients – the ones who love what you do, value your work and are happy to pay your fees.

Even if your strategy is on fire – if you don’t get this one thing right, all the strategy in the world won’t fix it!!

Nail this piece and you will be so magnetic – clients will be falling all over you, you’ll get enquiries in your inbox, opportunities landing at your feet – all because you did this one thing!

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Did you know that there’s something you’re doing that’s actually stopping the clients who want to work with you from actually working with you? There’s something that you’re doing that’s stopping those ready to buy clients from actually buying.

Welcome to this podcast. This is exactly what I’m going to be talking about. I’m Yasmin Vorajee, the creator of Tiny Time Big Results, where I help freedom-loving solopreneurs to grow and scale their 20-hour week business through the power of magnetic messaging.

And in today’s episode, I want to talk to you about what it is that you’re doing that’s repelling those ready to buy clients.

So let’s get straight into this, right? Because I know you want that steady stream of clients, those people who are a dream to work with, the people who are open to what you’re doing, they value what you do, they are happy to pay your fee. You know who they are. You’ve worked with people before and they’ve been really engaged, and it’s just a dream, right? And I’m sure you’ve worked with people who have not been a dream as well. So you know that you want more of those people who are your dream client, your perfect fit client, but you’re not getting enough of them, right?

Or when they come, it’s in dribs and drabs, and you’re thinking, How do I nail this?

Let’s think about what ready to buy clients actually means. Your ready to buy client loves what you do. They get your transformation. If you’re a coach or an expert, you’re selling your talents, your gifts, your experience, your expertise. The person who’s coming to buy from you gets what you do. They love it. They know it’s what they need. And then something stops them.

It might not even be anything that you said or wrote, but they’re just getting a sense that there’s something not quite right. You’ve probably had that experience as well with other people. Maybe you were about to hit the purchase button and then you didn’t?

This is probably the hardest bit to master when it comes to magnetic messaging. Because one of the things I hear most when I talk to my clients and my community is this fear about excluding people.

I don’t want to exclude everybody else. I want to include everybody. I don’t want to feel like I’m being exclusive because I’m excluding’. But hold on a minute. The problem is when you go broad and you’re trying to talk to everybody, you know you’re talking to nobody. I’ve said that a million times before. Whether you’ve been in my world for a while or you’re brand new – I say this all the time!

If you’re trying to speak to everybody, you’re speaking to nobody. In magnetic messaging, what you really want to be thinking about is, ‘How do I get my messaging so on point that I am magnetising the right people, the perfect fit clients, and I’m repelling the others?’

You want to do that deliberately. You want to magnetise and you want to repel strategically. You do this through your content, through your offers, through your messaging, your marketing. You can do that. However, and this is the bit that I want you to really pay attention to – when you’re trying to attract those perfect fit clients, there’s something that’s stopping them from actually hitting taking the next step.

Do you know what that is?

It’s you. It’s who you’re being. If there’s a part of you that thinks, ‘Oh, God, they’re going to be really disappointed when they come and buy my thing and they’re going to think it’s rubbish. They’re going to think that I was full of myself and it’s all style and no substance‘.

As soon as you start to doubt and wobble with your level of confidence and your certainty, it’s game over. This is actually stopping your ready to buy clients from actually buying. That perfect fit client, you’ve got the vision of them. They’re just there and like, Oh, I can just touch them.

But they are holding back. And the truth is that a large part of that is nothing to do with your strategy, nothing to do with the emails that you’re writing, but it’s about who you’re being internally.

Energetically, you are repelling them.

I was recently delivering my four-day course, the Ready to Buy Revolution, and this is one of the things that we talked about was what attracts those amazing clients and what repels them.

What Attracts

When I think about what attracts my ready to buy clients to me into my world, I’ve got a couple of points here I want to share with you.

So the first thing is confidence. You literally ooze it from every single pore. It’s just flowing out of you. That level of confidence is so darn attractive. Second thing is certainty, where people are just like, ‘Oh my God, she absolutely can do what she’s saying that she can’, because you are embodying that level of certainty, and that is as magnetic as anything.

And you’re results focused. You talk about the results that someone is going to get. So when I talk about my course Multiplier, that course is going to teach you how to multiply your income and your impact through building a magnetic messaging system that scales even when you’re only working three to four hours a day (like I do).

I’m going to help you build a Magnetic Messaging System that’s going to multiply your income and impact. I’ve got clients who are doing this program and they’re making money from their offers, they’re marketing, they’re magnetising dreamy clients through the skills and the strategy that you learn, but also through the energy work that we do.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a qualified hypnotherapist, and I know that there is so much going on for us within our heads that’s stopping you. It’s absolutely stopping you from attracting those amazing clients.

So on the one hand, you’re attracting them by being confident, (not cocky or arrogant), but you’re being confident. You’re oozing a level of certainty around what it is that you help people to do, and that’s really important. That’s a big part of it. And you’re talking about the results. You’re not being broad, you’re not being generic.

But here’s three things I’m going to share with you that stop you from being magnetic, that does repel people.

What Repels

First of all, victimhood. What do I mean by that? ‘Nobody wants to buy my stuff. Nobody wants to buy. My audience never buys anything. My audience are just freebie hunters’. You get the gist.

You’ve probably heard other people saying this. Maybe you even said it yourself. It’s such an air of victimhood. I’m not saying that to be mean or anything like that. I have done it too.

When you get really upset and you think no one wants to buy your stuff, the truth is that as creators in this economy, we have to earn people’s attention. This isn’t just something that you’re automatically privileged to get. You have to earn it.

Any time I have that thought and I think, ‘Okay, the alternative is you go and work in corporate like I did for 12 years before I started my business, never see my kids, be working, working, working, building somebody else’s dream or I can just do this and actually really put in the work to help me to build my dream’ thinking no one wants to buy your thing is repellent because if you’re not standing in your power.

I remember a couple of years back, I did a five-day challenge, and on the last day, I’d had a reasonably good attendance. It’s very difficult to hold people’s attention for a long period of time. But I remember on the last day, I did a masterclass, one person showed up. One person showed up live and I could have gone, ‘Oh, what’s the point? I don’t need to do this‘. But you know what? I didn’t.

When I’m doing my sessions, I behave as if I’ve got a thousand people in front of me and they all want to hear what I’m saying. Because that really impacts my energy. At the end of that masterclass, she bought a 3K package! I’m willing to show up and do that if I’m going to make 3K from a package. Are you?

That’s the first thing, victimhood. Secondly, confusion. When you don’t have that clarity around your messaging, the problem you solve, who your level 10 client is, that confusion has you spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning, and that is not attractive because you’re communicating to the world, that you don’t know what you’re doing.

‘I don’t know what I’m doing and they shouldn’t buy my stuff because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Go to her over there. She knows way more than I do’.

I had a client say that to me recently, and I said ‘Why are you saying that? It doesn’t make any sense!’ because you are unique. You are powerful in your messaging. But if you have that level of weirdness and ickiness around you and you are so confused, it’s not going to sell.

And the third thing is misalignment. In terms of what you’re offering, there’s a lack of alignment, a lack of integrity, a lack of embodiment with what you’re doing. For a long time, I really struggled with this myself. Something didn’t feel right. And do you know what I think is at the heart of it? When you are in the space of, ‘I should be marketing to this, but that’s not really my zone of genius. My zone of genius is over here’. The prevailing thought behind that is is I’m not good enough.

‘What I know is not good enough’

But the truth is that marketing to the thing that you’re not aligned to is not going to get you results. Aligning to your zone of genius and really fully owning it is going to make you as magnetic as anything. As magnetic AF!!

That is the stuff that sells day in, day out.

So I want you to take a moment today I want you to think about this.

Are you swirling around in a soup of confusion, misalignment, lack of embodiment, victimhood?

Or are you showing up with confidence, with certainty, focusing on the results, really staying in your zone of genius?

Because that’s where the magic is. And honestly, business can be so magical when you have that clarity, when you are aligned, when are the embodiment of what it is that you are actually offering.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in the Multiplier course.

This is a powerful course that’s going to show you how to tap into your zone of genius and turn that into the most amazing, simple and yet lucrative business. You’re going to be magnetising those perfect fit clients. You’re going to shift your identity within from the person who says ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can do this‘, to ‘Heck, yeah, let’s do this’.

And this isn’t just a course. This is a course where you get 12 months of support from me. From me, not a coach in my team or anything like that, from me.

Every month, you’re going to get a coaching call with me. Every month, you’re going to get a deep dive and an implementation session. So part of the Magnetic Messaging System is about creating digital assets that do the heavy lifting for you. I am going to work with you to get those up and running and working for you. This is about accountability, but not in a ‘did you do your homework?’ way!


This is about you saying, ‘These are the results that I want to get. I want to multiply my income.
I want to make more money. I want to reach more people, and I want to do it in a way that allows me to still have that beautiful lifestyle’

That’s what Multiplier is all about.

I would love to welcome you into the course. Click here to get all the details and all the amazing goodies that you get when you enrol.

If you’re not getting enough ready to buy clients, there’s something that you’re doing that’s repelling them, but that is completely and easily fixable!

That’s it for today my lovely. I’ve so enjoyed hanging out with you today, and I will see you the next time.

Take care!

Yasmin xxx