WELCOME TO tiny time big results with yasmin vorajee

I help coaches and experts get more clients with  powerful magnetic messaging strategies that work in an hour a day.

Your profitable 20 hour week business starts here!

Let’s do this…

welcome to tiny time big results with yasmin vorajee

I help coaches and experts get more clients with  powerful magnetic messaging strategies that work in an hour a day.

Your profitable 20 hour week business starts here!

Let’s do this…

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5 essential digital assets for coaches and experts

Download my free guide and discover the 5 essential digital assets for coaches and expert to build your audience, grow your email list and get more clients!

You dream of a business that creates impact, income and freedom...

A business that fills your heart and your purse. It makes you the money you want. It makes an impact. It gives you space to be creative. It allows you to plan your days. Whether that’s around the school run or walking the dog, you get to choose.

But marketing and selling doesn’t come easy to you – it takes up so much time and you’re not getting the results you deserve. It’s a love-hate relationship with social media (so you tend to hide – I see you!) and some days, it feels like you’re just twiddling your thumbs, waiting for clients to magically appear.

You’re smart and savvy and you know that making the money you desire and the impact you’re here for isn’t going to happen when you’re hiding behind the laptop, tweaking the website or creating graphics on Canva. 

Doing what you’ve always done is not enough. Because when you have a big dream, it requires you to step into the identity of the person who makes it happen. And that can be scary and uncomfortable. 

But you’re built for this. You were made for this.

You’ve got a big dream, you’re ambitious and you’re ready for this. You’ve reached your ‘f*ck it’ moment and you’re ready and willing to give it all you’ve got!

I’m so happy you’ve landed here because you and I are kindred spirits – we both love doing work that fills our heart, working with people we adore and choosing how we work. I’m thrilled you’re here because that means you’re ready to step into the person who goes after what she wants.

You’re ready to get in front of the right people, book clients, make more sales, and create a powerful impact!

You were made for this!


Become a Perfect-Match for Your Perfect-Fit Client

Join my brand new course going live in July and discover how to attract perfect fit clients by becoming a perfect-match for them. Learn how to create spellbinding messaging, an iconic identity that makes you competition proof and inner work that creates exponential results (you’ll love this especially if you’ve had enough of hearing about limiting beliefs!)

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Message Magic: Become Magnetic to Clients, Cash + Opportunities

Get instant access to my 2 hour workshop that teaches you how to build a Magnetic Messaging System so you attract leads consistently, make sales regularly and book ready-to-buy clients.

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build your client attraction system in 4 weeks

Get Fully Booked In 4

Want to get fully booked with great clients when you’re only working a few hours a day? Looking for a step-by-step approach that takes away the guesswork and shows you what to do and in what order? When you want to create freedom in your business, you need a marketing + sales system that works for you (even when you’re not working). I’ll show you how in this program…

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private mentoring

Create Your Path to Profit

You dream of a business that gives you income + impact without working long hours or sacrificing your well-being. In this 90 day program, I’ll show you how to grow your 20 hour week business with magnetic messaging. I’ll show how to attract ready to buy clients with a powerful online client attraction system. In this program, I will do this work with you, step by step.




Your goal is to create a business that is based around courses and programs. You love the freedom and abundance that creating things once and selling repeatedly gives you. You have a vision and you need help to make it come alive. You’re looking for a step-by-step approach to creating courses and programs that sell out and give you the freedom and leverage you desire. 


become magnetic to CLIENTS who value your work and pay your fees (group program)

Becoming Magnetic

The transformation you help your clients achieve is potent and super valuable. You want clients who are happy to pay your fees and do the work. You want marketing strategies that feel good and aligned! You want to grow your audience so you can create a bigger impact.  You’re ready to stop being invisible, show up powerfully and attract clients who value you and pay your fees

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Start Your Journey...

You’re passionate about creating financial freedom, flexibility and living the life of your dreams.

You want a business that is profitable and gives you the freedom you desire. It is possible. 

It takes courage and inspired action – even if it’s only a teeny tiny action, it all counts. Here are some ways you can get started… 

About Me

Hi, I'm Yasmin!

I’m so happy to meet you! This is the bit where I tell you a bit about myself. I’m the bestselling and award winning author of Tiny Time Big Results with over 30,000 students across 150 countries and 40 languages. If your life is anything like mine; it’s full and can be messy (I’ve got 3 kids under 13) and the last thing you want is your business to suck up all your time and energy when you could be enjoying a walk in the park, a sneaky nap or a heavenly cookie! You want your business to fit into your life, not vice versa.. 5

I want to do the work I love, be there for my family and enjoy life! But it didn’t start out that way. I spent 12 years in corporate straight after Uni (I studied Politics and Sociology). I started my career in a call centre and worked my way up in Training. I spent 12 years in corporate Training & Coaching (I’ve been in this field for over 22 years now) and my last role was VP of Leadership Development.

After redundancy, I decided to start my own business and it was about finding a way to create massive value, do the work I love, and get well paid working a few hours a day. Truth is, I love what I do and I could do it all day long but I also have 3 young kids who need me and I want to be with them. That’s why I do what I do and it’s an adventure I’d love to share with you!

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"She coaches with love and kindness while also not letting you off the hook!"

“I had an incredible VIP Day with Yasmin where we worked on the one thing I will be known for and my core offer based on that message.  She helped me name my program, map out the customer journey and the sales process. I highly recommend Yasmin to any small business owner looking to simplify their services, get their core message and build their business”


from under-charging to charging the price you deserve

Pricing Alchemy Mini Course

You’ve got the experience and expertise but you wobble around your pricing a lot (too much!) and you’ve had enough. In Pricing Alchemy, I’ll show you how to charge premium prices with full confidence and zero wobble!

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