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tiny time big results with yasmin vorajee

Your time might be limited, your income doesn't have to be!

You’re a heart led coach, consultant, expert in your field.

You want to do the work you love, with dream clients and make 5-10k a month. 

Whilst working 20 hours a week or less.

Let’s make it happen.


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Your lack of time is not the obstacle...

Just because you only have a few hours a day for the business doesn’t mean it can’t be an incredibly profitable and productive business. It’s not about the amount of time you have. It’s about knowing what to do with the time you have that makes you unstoppable.
It’s what makes it possible for you to enjoy a level of freedom, abundance and creativity that you previously thought was out of reach. You don’t need a ‘guru‘ telling you to spend 100 hours a week in your business.

It’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter. And knowing exactly what to focus on to create incredible results even if you have teeny tiny time!


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Grow & scale your 20 hour week business so you attract 5🌟 clients easily, create generous revenues with highly leveraged offers, sell with love and optimise your time & energy.

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You want to make more money and a bigger impact. I’ll show you how to turn your expertise, skills, experience and knowledge into money in the bank with more ease and less procrastination!

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You’re passionate about creating financial freedom, flexibility and living the life of your dreams, You want a business that is profitable and productive without working long hours. It is possible. It takes courage and inspired action – even if it’s only a teeny tiny action, it all counts. Here are some ways you can get started… 

About Me

Hi, I'm Yasmin!

I’m so happy to meet you! This is the bit where I tell you a bit about myself. But first, I want you to know that Tiny Time Big Results is for you! If your life is anything like mine; it’s full and can be messy (I’ve got 3 kids under 10) and the last thing you want is your business to suck up all your time and energy when you could be enjoying a walk in the park, a sneaky nap or a heavenly cookie! You want your business to fit into your life, not vice versa.

I want to do the work I love, be there for my family and enjoy life! But it didn’t start out that way. I spent 12 years in corporate straight after Uni (I studied Politics and Sociology). I started my career in a call centre and worked my way up in Training. I spent 11 years in corporate Training & Coaching (I’ve been in this field for over 20 years now) and my last role was VP of Leadership Development.

After redundancy, I decided to start my own business and it was about finding a way to create massive value, do the work I love, and get well paid working a few hours a day. Truth is, I love what I do and I could do it all day long but I also have 3 young kids who need me and I want to be with them. That’s why I do what I do and it’s an adventure I’d love to share with you!

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in a nutshell...

Attract with heart, leverage your offers & sell with love...

To enjoy a profitable 20 hour week business, let it be purpose-full, lucrative, productive with plenty of time to play on the swings!


"She coaches with love and kindness while also not letting you off the hook!"

“I had an incredible VIP Day with Yasmin where we worked on the one thing I will be known for and my core offer based on that message.  She helped me name my program, map out the customer journey and the sales process. I highly recommend Yasmin to any small business owner looking to simplify their services, get their core message and build their business”


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